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Boo, His (final part)

And to get you on your merry way to work tomorrow, here’s Baskers with his version of Saturday’s game.

Well, following on from my report last weekend Vs Gravesend & Ebbsfleet, REPD approached me with a lucrative writing contract that I just couldn’t turn down. The comprehensive package has transformed my lifestyle. I have now upgraded from beans on toast, to Pot Noodle’s Bombay Badboy. I am not selfish with my new found wealth and therefore my girlfriend was also taken out for special treat at a well revered Scottish restaurant: McDonalds’s.

After once again praying to the Football Gods that should we get in the POs this year, I will expose my body for one and all on the hallowed turf of KM, running a considerable distance with my appendages in full view, they seemed to have taken me up on the foolish offer and graced the Dons with Wimbledon 4 – 0 Pissed-On.

I hope you have become accustomed to the lack of any football coverage; on that note, let us progress with the report on the game:

Plus Points: 4-0 win. Three points. Sunshine. Goals from midfield. Hussey’s rampaging down the left flank. Adjei’s smile at the end of the game. Brett Johnson’s world class tackle – the goal that followed from that was just reward for the tackle alone.

Minus Points: Crowd. Atmosphere. Hussey’s rampaging which is likely going to get him snapped up in the January transfer window :o(

The Referee’s a: Pretty much perfect. Fuck – did I just type that. Let me counter-balance that: I’m sure he’s a cunt somehow.

The Lino’s a: Again, seemed pretty competent. The officials this year have been good to be fair – just the odd game, when they act like the cult of Mr Fish…

Them: Christ… Made it feel like a Ryman Premier game, and that is not a joke. How many do they get at home? They sung a bit, but I felt embarrassed when our fans tried chanting at them… Just felt a little pathetic. Their team was pretty good though. Can’t figure out why they are in the position they are, but their shooting was as bad as our midfield’s has been of late.

Three’s a crowd: 3,392. Considering we have just over 2,500 Season Ticket holders, it’s a bit concerning that only 800 bothered to come on the day. Does the club do any advertising? This is not a dig, but this is our inaugural season in a high profile league with excellent opposition and we really should be getting better. 3,392 is still not to be sniffed at, but we should be pushing 3,800 – 4,100 each game, not just for the biggies.

Point to Ponder: 12 games: W5 D5 L2… not bad, eh? Win our game in hand and we might get a nosebleed.

Anything else: Erm… Nope.

In a nut shell:
Should I start unbuttoning my shirt?!