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Only Fools Rushden… (part uno)

Looks like I picked another good one to miss last night.

The fact that everyone is buzzing their tits off right now illustrates that it wasn’t so one of those nights as one of those nights. A decent enough turnout for an evening game north of Watford (slightly under 500), playing well enough at the right times, that sort of thing. One of those games before the season starts where you would consider a draw as massive, if that makes sense.

So yes, I’m jealous of you all.

One thing before 911’s report below. I heard TB got sent off, and to be honest I couldn’t help laughing upon hearing it. Look, I believe he’s the best thing to happen to AFCW (on-pitch wise) and it’s no co-incidence that our disciplinary record has partly helped propel our rise up the backwaters. Ask Tom Davis why he’s at Dover now.

But you’ve got to admit, there is humour in it, especially past comments when he’s talked about not being stupid when getting sent off. That said, I find this a bit hard to believe:

“I can’t remember the last time I was sent off but it was certainly not in the last eight years.

“In my youth I was a bit of a volatile character but I have calmed down a lot over the years, so to be told to go to the stands really took me by surprise.”

Bold bit mine. Seriously, you can’t quite believe that comment, can you? To be fair, from what I’ve heard of the ref’s performance last night, being sarcastically clapped would have been the least of his worries.

Anyway, over to 911. There may be more reports later…


Were we stuck in a time warp last night ? Had the feel of a mid 1980s away day at Sheff Utd or a mid nineties Joke in ear  SMASH AND GRAB away at Everton – not had one of those for a while but boy did it feel good.  Not sure if Montys  Ebbsfleet last minute goal was more enjoyable than his second minute winner but frankly it does not really matter when you score  – they all count.  Something special about Diamond geezers 0 Pearl necklace 1 and we did not have to go to Sam Hattons  Garden to do the job  – we simply passed franchise on the way up ( they lost ) and that  made it even better on the way down when the M1 sign post shows you the way to mad cow roundabout land. – no one turned off

Not even the aptly named  J. AdCOCK who reffed ( cheated in the first half – got better in the second ) could ruin the evening despite his appalling show. He was from Nottinghamshire and frankly we really don’t need his sort again  – leave him to Luton, Stevenage, Tamworth , York and all places north but spare us him again for the sake of football.

The result propels us up the league but it’s a hugely congested arena with the top half dozen all in with realistic chances of the play offs. Perhaps it will be a step to far for us this year but the thing that got me last night was how we have woken up to this league after the trip to Eastbourne. There we played ok and had great chances ( Taylor and Keds ) but the oppo did a job on us and showed us that you need to have a bit more nous in this league. Had we played R and D in August we would probably have lost as they had more of the play and only poor finishing saved us from a defeat. Credit to Brown, Cash and Bassey for getting that part done in only 2 months. We now know that we can go away to proper places and shut up shop if we have to  – and last nights show will do confidence a great deal.

Some people last night were talking about best performance of the season on the way out but frankly that was down to the adrenalin run of holding out for 88 mins. Truth is we created little despite getting into some fantastic positions ( Hussey ) but defended well. Man of the match Pullen saved a dubious penalty and made some great saves although his first half kicking count of 4 good kicks to 3 poor ones is a continuing reflection of a problem in that department. However that can be worked on – facts are we won 3 points  – happy daze !

Got to mention Nathan Abbey – the Rushden keeper – he let in a shocker from Monty that gave us the win and apart from a Hussey piledriver and a Moore curler did not have a great deal to do. He got the typical treatment when arriving at the away supporters end and I suspect that will continue when ever we come up against former franchise players. There are those in the travelling army ( approx 500 altho officially stated at 457 ) who will never forget and move on and there are others who as time goes by begin to mellow towards it all. Neither side is right or wrong  and the keeper had a smile and took it in good spirit – fair play to him

Anyway enough of all that – usual format below

Plus points: We won, away , held out for 88 mins against good opposition, saved a penalty , fantastic support from the travelling army, KA and SG performing together in the middle, leant how to tough it out away

Minus points: Did not create much up front, not much at all down the right side again

The referee’s a…: Very short person from Nottinghamshire  – clearly suffers from short person syndrome and was bullied at school  – gave the most ridiculous penalty of the season, lost all control for a 15 minute period at the end of the first half – sent TB to the stand which will surely have a appeal as all he did was clap ! oh and his name was AdCOCK

Them: Good set up  – a stadium we would love to have, overpriced programme – £3 and the league table was 7 days out of date.  Good pies at £2 but no beer despite advertising a bar in the ground – oh and they played ok and deserved something from the game  – Did not hear from their fans so unsure if there was any franny chanting nonsense.

Point to ponder: Does DK play better with Mainy  – Monty scored again but did not offer a great deal else ….hmmm

Anything else? The constant chanting of “Paul Terry your mums a thief , Paul Terry your mums a thief”  enjoyable

So, was it worth it? Absolutely  – and we learnt a lot

In a nutshell: A classic smash and Grab