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A couple of little words…

No more needs to be said, really.

Just before your editor finally flips out before tomorrow, a quick word about the press coverage we’ve received this past week. I’m hoping that I’ve read them correctly, but the tone of them seems spot on – not too triumpant (although I question Erik Samuelson saying we’re going to win on record) but still with an air of steely determination.

The one who has got it most spot on is the Express, who have pointed out that if we do lose tomorrow, our history suggests we’ll bounce back anyway. If we’re in the BSP tomorrow evening, we just have to brush ourselves down and start again next season.

But we don’t really want to be in that position. Another prominent feature of life since 2002 is that when we’ve had opportunties, we’ve more often or not taken them. The mood in the camp does seem to be excellent, and if Jamie Stuart is any guide, one that doesn’t seem too cocky or defeatist. Whether that’s a good sign or not will be found out in over 24 hours time, but at least nobody can say we’re not approaching this wrongly.

We have a damn good chance to win tomorrow and be watching Football League level games as we were before 28/5. I know that, you know that, and the players and staff do too. If we go at 100% and put every effort into winning, that’s all we require. Well, that and the win.

As the hastily Photoshopped logo above says, just do it. No further questions will be asked if we do…