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Brief Crawley thoughts

Ah, who cares about the Carling Cup anyway? It’s a shit drink, and the good teams don’t enter into it until about round 15 or something.

Mind you, you have to be pretty special to exit a competition before anyone else has entered it, and I have to admit, going ahead twice and still losing is not the sign of promise.

As you probably know, I was busy talking to Harry Redknapp in underground car parks last night, so instead a helpful anonymous contributor has filled in the gaps…

Never nice to lose particularly to the Obnoxious Fat One but Crawley are a decent side. They had a hell of a lot of possession (official stats showing 50% are cobblers). However, we had enough chances to snatch a win, very unlucky with 3 near the end. The Gatwick Globetrotters are going to absolutely walk League Two, I mean last season they probably deserved a draw at Old Trafford and fairly easily disposed of Championship, League One and League Two opposition in the FA Challenge Cup.

It was a bit like the Alamo at times last night, tactics-wise Sam Hatton was clearly being targeted by Crawley’s left-sided attack and he got properly “done” a couple of times, but to be fair to him he’ll never get anywhere near that sort of pressure against other League Two opposition.

Luke Moore scored one of the greatest goals you’ll ever see, rode 3 or 4 tackles before burying it. Almost Maradona 86. Brilliant all night, he is on fire.

Glad Jack Midson got off the mark and Ademeno looked lively when he came on, could’ve scored after gently brushing past their keeper who went down in “agony”. Referee, of course, fell for the theatrics and, of course, keeper showed Lazarus-style powers of recovery afterwards.

Seb Brown, yet again. Several outstanding saves. What a talent. Outstanding on high balls too – his Achilles heel of yore.

If SW19’s Army said he would take a defeat where we played well, he got what he wanted it. And I’m not too down in the dumps as I would normally be. We had a good work-out and will hit the ground running against Brizzle.

Oh yeah and Kevin Cooper 2.0 was in the crowd. Great to see him there.

So there you have it.

A couple of thoughts from (relatively) afar : had this been in regular season, I’d be interested in how much better (or worse) we would have played. Accounts suggest our defence was pretty, er, chilled out. Certainly on SSN we looked leaden footed…

Did the (admittedly enforced) choice of opponents for the pre-season work against us? One less Beckenham type match and one more Stevenage type clash would have probably put us in better stead for yesterday, as it seems like our weaknesses have only just been discovered now.

It was good to hear Luke Moore and especially Jack Midson getting themselves on the scoresheet – for all the angst over a striker (and it looks like things are finally moving on that score) it would be ironic if it turned out to be the part of the pitch that causes the least worries. By the sounds of it, Sam Hatton had his worst game for us in ages and with luck he won’t be back to being much maligned.

Perhaps we need somebody in midfield or defence? Having Mat Milton-Keynes or whatever his name is down with the clap glandular fever hasn’t helped, and one suspects we’ll be waiting until about December before he finally kicks a ball. Fortunately, we still have a month and presumably some spare cash to remedy that quickly.

Is it me or do Crawley remind me of Chelmsford during our RP/CS days? We never used to win at Melbourne Park either, although we all know the rest. Nothing about them that hasn’t been said already, except that their manager is more a tedious prick than anything.

Of course, he does his usual schtick because it presses our buttons, and he knows it. And it usually works. Here’s a radical idea : try blanking him, it will confuse him and make him think he’s doing something wrong.

Come to think of it, I think that Broadfield is always going to be a bogey ground for us. Remember the pre-season friendly there some years ago when we went 3-0 up and still lost? Guess we should plan to be elsewhere on the 22nd of October. Mind you, taking well over 1000 there last night was decent enough, and that was including those who couldn’t or wouldn’t go.

And I won’t be bitchy and state that we took more last night than the total Crawley have taken to KM in all the games put together since 2002 😉

Finally, your editor went to Godalming this afternoon, and wasn’t particularly impressed. We lost 2-1 by the way, and were 2-0 down at the break. This despite having Chris Bush, Sammy Moore, Reece Jones and Jack Turner playing. I think we’re now in the PSF fatigue stage, because this felt like just another run-out.

You wonder if the players are at that stage too, especially as we’ve had to cram in six weeks worth of preparation into four weeks. While TB has a habit of saying how tired and leggy our players are, usually after the second game of the season, he might have a point this time.

How many injuries do we have already?

Still, the Carling Cup can wait until next year, where we won’t have to play a poxy prelim round again. Although that does assume we are capable of staying up…