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Month: July 2011


So, that’s it then. Goodbye pre-season for another year. A shortened, not particularly awe-inspiring campaign that has redefined the word “anti-climatic”, although one with thankfully … Read more

Amber Pura

Do I have to do something about Sluts 1 Prudes 1? Really? Can’t I take this evening off and leave you to fill in the … Read more

Brown Sugar

It’s July, it’s pre-season, so it must be the annual must-see event of Meet The Manager, featuring TB, Ivor Heller and Stuart Cash in what … Read more

One F in Friendly

And after seven weeks since Eastlands and losing Danny Kedwell and Steven Gregory and the rest of the players and getting in newbies and getting … Read more

Arrested Development

So then, what’s this developmental squad business all about? The whole reserve/youth team system has never quite lived up to WFC era standards as yet, … Read more