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Mansfield report (CBA edition)

I feel I ought to write something on losing our never-been-beaten record to Mansfield, but I genuinely can’t be arsed. So here’s a quick set of bullet points.

– We lost.

– Northampton lost as well, so we’re still a healthy eight points from the drop.

– We missed Jack Midson.

– We also missed Danny Hylton.

– We played a more defensive formation and we ended up chasing the game. QED.

– We changed to more attacking ways, and we had a couple of chances. QED again.

– Shame we missed them.

– Ironically, this might not have been a bad game for Charlie Sheringham to play in. Except he would have reminded us why he went out on loan to begin with.

– Mansfield sounded, erm, “robust”. Which proves we’re still too naive to deal with that.

– Quite possibly, we rode our luck too much for Burton/Cheltenham/Northampton, and this was somewhat inevitable on Saturday.

– We still need another win or two, and you sense we’ll struggle to get that because that’s what we’ve always done this season.

– Our points tally today is very similar (if not the same) to last season, although we’re in a far healthier position in 2014. And we’re a better group of players, if not necessarily better managed.

– We dust ourselves down and focus once again on Saturday.

– Oh, and HAFSOG. It works.

Fill in your own comments below. If you can be arsed yourself…