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Evil 2 Good 3, continued

And as quickly as Rigg and AA damaged Franchise last night – a match report from Whatadom, who was at the Frenzydome.

He assures me he has the innoculations.

Don’t forget the earlier update on here – it will get lonely if you ignore it…

Cons 2 Dons 3

Get In!!!!

With the full time whistle blowing at the Wankydome, celebrations similar to those seen in Germany at the end of the World Cup could be observed in the upper tier.

Personally I’ve been to all three games involving Franchise. The lowest personal experience for me has been that many of the people I have met and known since supporting the Dons since 1994 were not in attendance.

We’ve been through the debate before, and its best if everyone just respects each individual’s decision. But today there is a spring in everyone’s step.

What I will remember about our encounters so far is what it does mean to those who attend. We scored three times last night and based on my previous experience with Jack Midson and his diving header in FA Cup, I have never celebrated goals with so much passion and emotion as I do against Franchise.

There really is something subconscious deep down that gets released. It is no doubt the anger of what happened 12 years ago that comes out.

Now seeing as this is my first contribution to SW19 Army I’ve not really had much structure so far. Lack of structure was also shown by the utter confusion with the goals we conceded last night.

It was woeful to say the least. Two dreadful back passes without conviction and the Franchise punished us twice. With their first Barrett made an assumption that James (Sheldon Cooper) Shea would deal with it, but alas a Franny pounced and rounded poor Sheldon.

Really poor given that these guys are experienced and surely don’t screw up like that on the training ground.

After conceding so early we grew into the game. We did equalize, through the experience of Jack Smith who showed his intelligence to put in a decent ball for Mini Beast to tap in.

You sensed we had a chance and that our players were certainly up for it. The bookings were mounting up for us with some great challenges. If memory serves me correctly Francombe did his best to take out Lewington Toby Ajala style.

But before half time we did our best to screw it up. Sammy Moore provided Franchise with a poor back pass to Sheldon, who made a great save by storming off his line to clatter Benik Afobe. The ball dropped to a Franchise player who played it back to Afobe to slot home.

Annoyingly the replayed showed that Afobe was offside! Alas the lino needed to remember the offside rule, where on a rare occasion an out field player becomes the last man.

Things could have been worse before Half time, if it wasn’t for an on the line clearance. Half time came, and the Franchise had realised that we would not be interested in purchasing food and refreshment so alas there was no abuse given to the Franchise catering department on this occasion.

Although I was told I was no allowed to take a McDonalds hamburger into the stadium because it was “hot” food.

The second half started and I’m sure I could have worked out Ardley’s team talk, which appeared to be “Stuff attacking down the right, keep it on the left.” Perhaps this was down to Lewington being the experienced left back, and some inexperienced youngster at right back?

But on 65 minutes our game plan spurred into action. 3 subs and 3 big game players in Rigg, Beast and Tubbs we replaced Beere, Mini Beast and Sammy. Beast provided us with the game plan.Get the ball to him and stuff will happen!

A delightful flick on from a Sheldon Cooper punt and Rigg half volleyed to the near post to beat ex Wimbledon youth David Martin.

Beast had several headed chances but missed, but good work my Rigg supplied him with a tap in for 3-2. Reality was hitting in, could we hold on? And yes being Wimbledon you sensed we could still fuck this up.

As the final minutes went by the school kids were heading for the exits, it was a great sight to see them abandoning their club in droves as we were celebrating the unthinkable, that we might beat them.

The final whistle came, and it was emotional. I’ve not celebrated by dropping to my knees before but it was brilliant! Outside the stadium we were sure to tell the Franchise locals that we are by far the greatest team the world had ever seen, as well as them being club stealers / killers.

Truth is stranger than fiction : Just before Kickoff they put a huge AFC Wimbledon crest on their video walls “Welcoming” us to Stadium MK. It got the middle finger and “Fuck off” treatment it deserved.

Is there some irony about not being able to take a McDonalds burger into MK Cons?

Also the local stewards took exception to us standing on the seats, its not like those seats in the upper tier will be in use any time soon is it?

Also AFC Wimbledon were trending on Twitter last night, so this is clearly big news in the world. To put it into perspective Ebola isn’t.

Franchise just about being able to say the words “We know what we are” to some kind of tune?

Singing “Oh Kevin St Luuuuuce” when he was at Welling

Franchise Bouncers dressed in all black suites in the away end that had been drafted in from Oceana.

Good Points : Beere getting game time and not really looking out of place.

Jack Smith looking experienced and intelligent at left back.

Ardley’s game plan of 3 impact subs on 65 minutes and having a go.

Ardley’s game plan to annoy higher level teams.

Mass exodus of Franchise customers before full time, and mentioning to them that they were abandoning their club and questioning where their frenzy had gone.

The Aftermath : So I saw on my own social media some fans annoyed that this legitimises Franchise. But in my opinion, the high one was on beating them in their backyard was worth the £12 entrance fee, some of which will be making its way back to the Samuelson check book I’m sure.

Was it worth it? Yes, and hopefully the next AFC Wimbledon milestones to experience will be (and in no particular order)

New Plough Lane
– Playing them at home (KM or NPL?)
– Playing them in a League game (gate receipts aren’t shared)