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Passing gas bristolrovers9march16That went well.

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Order Tramadol Cod Saturday Delivery Like Oxford in recent weeks, there was something a bit inevitable about Pirates 3 Captives 1. A venue we’ve never done well at, a decent opponent, and plenty beforehand mentioning how good our away form has been. One day we’ll learn. Yesterday was not that day. Looking back at it this morning, the one conclusion is that we don’t help ourselves at times.  Oddly enough, we started pretty well, and we didn’t look fatigued after all.

But Ardley had his latest attempt to show he’s a tactical genius, and it’s no surprise when they came at us we shat ourselves. You can understand it if it’s a change in personnel, but it wasn’t even down to that. Apparently we did the same at Exeter, though unlike last night they were too shit to exploit that. It’s no wonder that they just had to run at us and they would inevitably score. Though not for the first time in seven days, Roos didn’t help himself, this time by doing a limp-wristed punch out. When their second goal went in, it did have that air of deja vu again. Not quite shades of Newport away in the first half, but we did need the response…

Which, to be fair to us, we gave. A change back to the tried-and-tested approach, and guess what? We scored. Who’d thunk it, eh? Enough snark. Yes, for a time we looked genuinely threatening. We forced them into a couple of defensive clearances, that kind of thing, and suddenly the Bad Old Days™ had gone again. But as mentioned in the last SW19 update, we’re going to need a fair bit of luck. We didn’t get that little break that could have got us the point.

Mind you, it doesn’t help when you make dozy fuckups, like their third goal was. It might have been best if the referee could have blown up there and then, just to save us from any further damage…

And “damage” is the key phrase from last night. Elliott and Smith limped off, and it does seem to prove the theory that we’re not nearly as good when our main strike duo is split up. Azeez got a good run-out last night, but I don’t blame NA for sticking with Elliott and Taylor throughout this fixture slog. Our choice is pretty much play them or drop in the table. Taylor went off too, again with an apparent injury. That might just be a precaution, but just at the exact time we need his goals… As for Akinfenwa getting sent off – words fail me. Although given it was apparently for foul and abusive language, perhaps words should have failed him at that point too.

More on him later. The question now is – so, what? Firstly, it’s another game without a win. I know that it’s been against the teams in the top five, but our success in previous seasons has been down to us beating those sort of sides.

Tramadol Online By Cod Morecambe this Saturday either comes at the best time or the worst time for us. Best, because they’re down the bottom and have the worst form in the division.

Order Tramadol Paypal Worst, for the very same reasons. We should win, but that’s certainly not a given. We now have selection headaches, and not small ones either. Depending on how crocked Elliott/Taylor are, we might have to go down the loanee route PDQ.

Best Place To Get Tramadol Online Getting strikers in at this late stage is pretty much the dregs of the talent pool though. Anyone half-decent will be signed up already, and those available will either be a) young, b) crap, or c) young and crap. If it’s the first option, then I’d rather take the chance with some of our own yoof. Like Sweeney is right now, they’ll be getting the best hands-on experience they’ll ever get.

Times like these is when you’re glad we have a development policy that is finally starting to produce players. From next season, the loan window is going to be closed, and that will seriously fuck up some sides. We’ve also lost our game in hand over the other contenders for seventh place, and I note Wycombe now have that particular joker. But of course, points on the board are far better… Plus points: First ten minutes of first half. First fifteen minutes of second half. Minus points: We lost. Too many individual mistakes. Taylor getting injured. Elliott getting injured. Luck deserting us at the wrong time. The referee’s a…: Seemed to favour the home side a fair bit, and plenty wondering why he sent off Akinfenwa. Not that he’s to blame for our loss. Them: Another side you expect to see extend their season. While they’re not significantly better than us, they were sharper where it mattered.

Certainly better than they were on Boxing Day, anyway, and have that bit between their teeth.

Like ourselves, they need a new ground and quick. The trouble is that they are in an uber-residential area, far more than NPL is. You only have to look at the amount of cyclists around to get an idea what sort of area it is. Or as us motorists refer to them, ten points each.

Brizzle Rovers are one of those clubs that are always “there” in the lower reaches of the Football League, although going down and then coming back up rebooted their club.

I prefer them to Brizzle City, although I’m not sure who Irene is and why plenty want to wish her goodnight. One assumes she’s the local broad.

Their PA sounded like the Tandy knockoff I imagine you get at a West Country county fayre. It was difficult to work out whether we were making a sub or there was a marrow growing competition in the car park… Point to ponder: So, Akinfenwa – whither Beast Mode On? Or Beast Mode Off, as somebody quipped when he got red carded.

Many minds have been made up about him even before last night. It’s only because of the depleted squad issue that prevents many from thinking his sending off isn’t a loss.

And that’s a shame, because it’s been mutually beneficial for the past couple of seasons. When he came on last night, it was hard not to believe the game had been lost by that stage.

I can’t imagine signing him up for another season, even (or especially) with signficantly reduced wages, so where would he go? A struggling L2 side that could etch out just one more season from him?

A big spending Conference outfit? A smaller Conference outfit that would benefit from the inevitable publicity? Non-league is increasingly looking like his level now, and somewhere like Eastleigh may suit him.

Or perhaps the idea of going Stateside will pop up again? Plenty will suggest the MLS, but that is a better league than is given credit for – there is the NASL, NPSL and no doubt a couple of other minor leagues over there which would boost interest.

And you’re probably already googling those leagues – point proven 😉

But he himself will probably admit his time with us is drawing to a close, which might explain some of the frustration he showed last night. It was a good chance to put himself out for potential suitors, and shouting blue murder at the ref doesn’t go down well…

Truth is stranger than fiction: 1) Why does it always fucking rain in Bristol? Even my first trip there in 1991, to Ashton Gate in the Withe era, was as memorable for the soaking off the field as well as the piss on it. 2) Brizzle Rovers playing “Glad All Over” after the game. You’re supposed to emulate Palace on the field, not off it.

Anything else? OK, we know we can reach the playoffs. Our likelyhood of doing so remains TBC. But imagine if our form holds up, our injuries don’t kill us and we last the course after all.

How would we do in them? If last night is anything to go by, we’ll give it a damn good go but will probably fall short. It would be a bit like the two failed attempts to get out of Turdeyland.

Back then, of course, we were expected to be in them as a bare minimum. Today, the fact our season is still alive is a rather nice bonus.

Your editor got to see Brentford sneak into the Championship playoffs on the last day of the season last year (which included writing this in literally 25 minutes – not an exaggeration), although they then got brushed aside by Boro.

In theory, form goes out of the window, though you can pontificate over the number crunching for the second tier from a couple of years ago.

What is clear is that it would undeniably create a buzz around AFCW, one that hasn’t been felt for a good while, and that can push teams further than their talent suggests.

There would be some nerves, but with the exception of the dangerously optimistic brigade it would be seen as a let-us-see-what-happens rather than the pant soiling our previous playoffs were.

I note NA is of the “give it our best shot” mentality, which isn’t a bad one to have. It does reduce the pressure that comes with expectancy, as we have been unable even this season to make the next step up when the opportunity is there.

To be honest, I still think we won’t make them, for reasons stated on many occasions this year. Especially as when we do play well ATM we never take full advantage of it.

But it keeps the rest of the campaign exciting and gives us all a focus that IMO we’ve lacked since we got back into the Football League.

Of course, if we did go up that would mean dealing with the realities of League One. But that’s another matter…

So, was it worth it? No comment.

In a nutshell: Six easy points in the next two games. Right?