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Talking Posh

The trouble with anything Peterborough related, most quips about their nickname are quite banal…

Anyway, the hellish month that is February is almost over. Only three more games to go in the next eight days, and then we almost get a clear run to May.

That’s assuming Blackburn on Tuesday takes place, that is. By the sounds of it, anyone who packed their thermals away now is going to have to dig them out again. And that could be the first postponed KM game since, IIRC, Pompey in the L2 promotion season.

For now, though, we travel up to London Road tomorrow. And in pretty good spirits as well.

It’s amazing what a win – even, or especially one in the 92nd minute – can do to the collective mood. It’s been quite a pleasant week, no need for post-mortems and dare I say a little bit of confidence has crept in?

You have the right reserve the right to change your mind when we lose 4-0 tomorrow, now I’ve said that.

This is not the most important game of the season thus far, because they’re all equally so from now on. You will have heard this a lot recently, and will continue to do so – a point in a shit game is better than none in a good one.

And again, if we get something even more scabby than a big thing with scabs on it, so be it.

I would expect all concerned on the training ground to know that. To their credit, they dug out of a losing streak that could have proved fatal, although last week was just one victory. More will need to be done from now on.

Much more.

So we could be back in trouble by 5pm tomorrow if we don’t fulfill our side of the bargain, and others around us do. That’s how tight the division is right now, and likely how it will remain for a while.

Anyone up to even Gillingham is vulnerable if they start freefalling. One club normally does do that, and as this month showed quite pointedly, there’s no guarantee it won’t be us…

The news that Darius might be missing tomorrow isn’t promising, in a squad lacking in characters he’s one of the few that is. And this highlights just how much injuries could yet scupper us this campaign.

That said, the week off has been much needed, because we’ve needed to recharge our batteries. And this has been a relaxing seven days or so, probably because we haven’t actually had any football to ruin things.

OK, not entirely true – we were helped by Fleetwood losing and Franchise drawing at Rochdale. As much as survival is in our own hands, we’ll still need help from elsewhere. That could cause some internal conflict at times, especially tomorrow when you find out who the Cods are playing.

You’ll hear this a lot in the run-up to Bury at home as well, and you’re probably sick of reading it virtually every update – we’re still 50/50, but we could make the odds in our favour so much better.

Two other things, one of which struck me this week – what’s happened to this whole EFL/Franchise thing? That’s gone very quiet, and considering we’ve been charged for something that happened last September, it’s a long time.

Either nobody at the EFL is in much of a hurry (annoying, as it was their sodding charge in the first place), it’s in the process of being quietly dropped, or there’s something more to it than just a scoreboard/programme issue.

In the case of the last one, maybe that’s why Sturman is involved with us again?

The other one is that more diggers have been seen going into NPL. Nobody is doing much actual demolition at the moment, mind you. At least, there’s nobody excitedly posting pictures on social media about it.

So you know what will come up on Twatter as soon as I press “publish” on this page.

I would guess there’s still permits to be obtained, various utilities being finally shut off and made safe. Even merely surveying the site and making sure the first bulldozer doesn’t sever a still-live gas main.

This is where the club needs to do a What’s Happening At Kingsmeadow (WHAK) type series of regular updates – a sort of WHAPL. Even just a paragraph or two each week/fortnight saying that “X has been done”, or “Y is about to start” thing.

WHAK goes down very well in the summer (especially as it doesn’t bounce people into joining the DT/Webjam for info that the club should be giving out to everyone anyway), and a WHAPL will do likewise.

True, a number of people won’t care whether the asbestos is being removed right now, or the demolition of the squash courts is in progress. But just as many will – look at how popular livecams are, often for something where nothing happens.

And remember, NPL is going to be the most visceral thing any AFCW fan will experience. Never underestimate the interest in anything related to it, however mundane.

Speaking of livecams, I expect there’ll be one, even if it’s Galliard doing it. Though what that will do to work productivity of our fanbase is anyone’s guess….