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Two steps forward…

… and it almost seems like a second step back rather than just one.

I won’t dwell on drawing against the team at the bottom too much. The only plus point is that we didn’t lose, because everything else went against us.

A disallowed goal that would have been VARed big time, apparently. Absolute shite otherwise, and to cap it all off just about every other result went against us.

True, we’ve got nine games left, and you’d have to be seriously away with the fairies to believe that we’re not going to get weekends like this between now and May.

But knowing an increasingly confident Tranmere have enough games in hand to overtake us….

That game on the 21st could go a long way deciding which division we’re in next season, although nothing is likely decided until after Easter.

And if we did find ourselves in the bottom three by then, it might jolt us into life again – albeit having to rely on other teams to fuck up again.

Funny how we’ve still got our survival in our own hands, but we’re absolutely incapable of taking it.

Twas ever thus though, and I think part of the mood this morning is down to exactly that. Even as far back as the WFC era, we never seemed to do what we ought to against those at the bottom.

Even in this campaign, we should have made things more comfortable for ourselves, but haven’t. And that grates more and more, especially given the shit over the last few seasons.

The flip side of course is that any mini-run of form now effectively secures our L1 status for next season. I know it’s a big thing to ask right now, but lest we forget a week ago we were basking in beating Gillingham.

We know what our issues are, especially up front. Like last season, one suspects we’ll be aiming for survival without actually scoring any goals. Though who will play the Hanson role – Appiah?

I’ve just realised by the way that our last “proper” Saturday game at KM is against Franchise. It would be absolute headfuck central if they are in a position to relegate us that day.

If that did happen though, I genuinely fear for the mental health of some of our own supporters in the summer…

Yesterday and this weekend is a writeoff, but one other thing – somebody sharp-eyed noticed this on our shirts yesterday.

I’ll write more about leaving KM nearer the time, but it does bring home (no pun intended) how close we are to returning to NPL.

Personally, I think something will happen that will delay things by some more months, it’s the way the whole project has panned out And if I’m being honest, until we announce the loan formally then we’re not (metaphorically) home and hosed.

That said, AFCW does seem confident – very confident – that there’s going to be nothing more than a sixteen week delay on it, if they’re putting commemorative embroidery on the shirts.

While I can’t find up-to-date (ie a couple of days old) photos of the new place, it sounds like fitting the roof structure on the main stand – the bit that holds up working on the pitch etc – is nearly complete.

Which means once they clear any debris, they can start working on the lush green stuff. And another symbolic milestone gets passed.

How quickly can playing turf get laid from scratch and three (admittedly quick-build) stands get put in? If you look at how basic the semi-permanent stands appear, quite quickly as it goes.

OK, how long “quickly” is equates to how long a piece of string is, but if you assume clubs relay their turf in May and it’s playable come August, we’ll be fine if it’s started on within a month.

We’ll need to put asphalt concrete** down at the same time, but if it’s true the stands are being built off-site and imported in sections, that too will save time. Then it becomes a case of fixing them down in the right place.

** – fun if finicky fact : if you said “tarmac” then you’re using a registered trademark, so say “Tarmac” instead. Also, if you work in mass media and want to upset the legal team of Portakabin, just write”portacabin”…

After that, it’s putting the perimeter walls up, installing the floodlights and turnstiles, and I assume toilets and catering too if they’re not going to be portable. So there’s still a lot of things to do, but nothing I’d say is technically challenging.

And then it gets ever closer. And who knows – maybe we’ll even be a League One side by the time it’s complete…?