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And *sigh* again.

Earlier this week, I made a request which hopefully is self-explanatory, and it might be a better thing to do this weekend than relive yesterday.

Really, I’ve got very little to say about Shrewsbury, and even less motivation to write about it.

That it’s as predictable as the sun setting as you face Bristol rather than Southend, is part of that.

That yet another lapse of concentration has cost us at least a point is another.

But perhaps the reason why this particular update isn’t going to be too long is that it’s the same old problem we’ve had for donkeys years.

We just can’t seem to dispose of struggling teams at home. Ever.

Some while ago, your editor thought that the players liked playing at KM as much as I liked watching games there.

Yet Loftus Road is a million times better than where we’ve been for the last eighteen years, and it’s the same outcome.

It’s happened under Hodger, Walter, Ardley, and if you look further back it happened under TB as well.

And really, even when we do go back home, I can see games there ending exactly the same way as before.

I don’t know why this is usually the case at Wimbledon. A cultural issue, where we go into games against struggling teams expecting to win?

Do we subsconsciously motivate ourselves for the “bigger” games, because of our underdog mentality, at the continued expense of the bread-and-butter ones?

I guess it must be. It’s ironic that we stand a better chance of all three points at Hull on Tuesday than yesterday or Burton.

And the question that we’ve never figured out for a long while is – what do we do about it?

That’s for GH to figure out, although I note he seems quite upbeat (relatively speaking) in his OS interview.

And he’s right in saying that if we continue to create chances we’ll pick up more points than not.

As usual, I didn’t see the game – I’m not working so many Saturdays at the moment, so I’m giving my dough to local non-league clubs that deserve it – but I will believe those who say if we’d scored we would have won.

We won’t find the net every match, and yesterday was one of those times.

I was going to mention that there’s some strange patterns of results at the moment, in terms of teams not being able to win at home.

The Championship only had one home win yesterday, but my point was ruined when I looked at the L1 results.

Even so, our awfulness for “home” fixtures precedes all of that, and remains a fundamental issue that we’re no closer to reversing.

But we move on. We’ve got plenty of games coming up after all.

The news this week that Paul Kalambayi was found not guilty of fondling himself on a train may explain a lot about his on-field ball playing right now.

It’s one of those he-said-she-said things, and without CCTV showing anything it’s difficult to prove.

From AFCW’s point of view, it depends on whether he told the club about his legal issues, or whether he kept quiet about them before we found out.

Judging by the club statement last Wednesday, you could think they found out the same time as us fans did.

More likely, they knew about it when it first reared its ugly head and kept it under wraps until everyone else saw it.

Which is the same argument as the defence team made in court. Probably.

Football players get in more off-field trouble than you think, which is why some players “mysteriously” go absent with a virus or lack of fitness.

Two Manchester United players spring to mind this morning. I can’t think why.

I guess any disciplinary matters can’t have been that severe, as he was on the bench yesterday.

And really, it’s the kind of thing where he’s going to be subject to all manner of piss-taking amongst the rest of the squad from now on.

I’m sure he’ll be told to keep his hands out of his pocket whenever he’s sitting on the sub’s bench.

Not to mention if he’s searching for his iPhone to be careful how he fumbles around for it in future.

One thing is clear though – the line in Kalamayi’s song about him being sexual might need rewording…

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