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Bad Friday

A very quick update on us losing to Plymouth…

OK, I said I would update on Sunday, but I’ll do this now as I doubt I’ll say too much different.

Make no mistake, this is a missed opportunity. Given we normally have a decent record down at Home Park, this can be filed under “disappointing”.

Their goal summed it up, it just seemed more soft than it needed to be. And yes, we fought back, and on another day we might have got one.

But that’s always the trouble with relegation dogfights – you’re down the bottom for a good reason.

Ours happens to be that we just can’t score enough goals.

That was the case today, although sometimes the ball isn’t going to go in even if the opposition walk off the field.

I’m not going to wait around for Robbo’s interview afterwards, though I expect he’ll say something like we need to put the ball in the net.

Though with a few more words and a bit more jargon.

The thing is, I’m not that surprised we lost today. I think it was when Sky Sports News beforehand pointed out we only had one loss in seven or so games, which was always going to be fatal.

And anyway – for reasons I’ve never worked out we’ve always been shit over Easter. Even in WFC days.

But we can’t afford to be shit on Monday, which now takes on YUGE meaning, as Donald Trump would have put it.

When the players and staff trundle back with that long journey this evening, they need to put today out of their mind.

True, “we go again” is Football Cliche #44239432, but it happens to be true in our case.

The table isn’t nice to look at, but we’re still alive, we’re still in touch and we have that one game advantage over everyone else that I think will ultimately seal our fate.

It’s against Rochdale, isn’t it?

We will probably lose again this season. What’s more important is that it doesn’t damage us too much.

Today sucked, but most of the other results went our way.

If you offered me a one-point deficit with one game in hand after Good Friday, I would honestly have snapped your hand off.

Because this season is going to be going down to the wire. Or as close to it as possible.

It’s perfectly possible that our future next season isn’t sealed this month at all, and we’ll end up needing something against either Pompey or Lincoln.

That sounds daunting, but equally getting a point or three in each game is the sort of fucked up thing we do.

So, we’re not dead yet. It might not feel that at the moment, but we really aren’t.

One thing I will say is that Piggy going off is a brave move to do, as they used to say in Yes Minister.

Injured? I hope not. Knackered? That wouldn’t be a surprise. Change of emphasis? Didn’t come off.

Some will argue not pairing him with Palmer helped cost us the game, but if it had worked then our Head Coach becomes a genius for doing it.

Right now, we’ll need to be brave for the rest of the season. It’s now a case of if we’re capable of that…

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