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Naval Gazing

Something AFCW is quite good at…

Another game, another defeat, and yet this one hasn’t quite unleashed the hounds of despair.

Yes, a last minute winner for Portsmouth is a kick in the [insert relevant seafaring noun here], and we left Fratton Park with nothing.

And yes, whilst following this from afar, it did sound like our Bulgarian Kiwi was keeping us in it.

But there’s different types of losses.

There’s the one where you’re simply gubbed by a better team. There’s nothing you can do in those.

There’s the ones where you know you’re not very good, and you’re left even more unsurprised when you go a goal down, knowing the game is lost already.

This time last year, we were starting to have plenty of those under Glyn Hodges.

Or you get the ones where you’re abject shit, and you put a piece of paper over any club related car sticker afterwards to hide your shame.

I haven’t forgotten the ones where you lose against Franchise. And I don’t need to expand on that.

But from all accounts, yesterday was one where you got a bit of hope.

Had we just held off for a few more minutes, then we would have been talking about a credible draw.

Robbo himself was as positive as you would expect after a last minute defeat, and after the grief of the last few weeks you can understand why.

But he does need to remember that we’ve got two equally important games this week, where the results are the only thing that matter.

It might have been a gallant defeat, with positives, but it was still a defeat.

History is littered with teams who find themselves relegated at the end of the season, despite those sort of losses.

And really, you now have to think we’ve got to beat Crewe on Tuesday.

Yesterday sounded like an improvement, and I’d like to think that we’ve finally realised what we’re throwing away.

It was telling that MR felt we were showing the energy of the earlier part of the season, anyway.

That as much as anything will propel us upwards again. It’s curious why we lost that, and I don’t think it’s just down to no Ollie Palmer and/or other teams sussing us out.

If I’m being honest though, I’ll be much happier if we show similar against Crewe on Tuesday, then again at home to Fleetwood this Saturday.

Do that, and I genuinely believe we’ll get at least one victory in the next two games.

If we don’t, and we’re back to the plodding, sideways passing dirgefest for the next two games, any positivity from yesterday gets extinguished.

With luck, both management and team have realised recently that fan support is not unconditional, and it is never a one-way street.

Our support is tolerant, maybe too tolerant at times, but it has its own levels of expectation.

We don’t moan nearly as much as some people (want to?) think, which is why some were surprised at that big OS interview last week.

But like all other sets of fans – we don’t appreciate being given a turd full of peanuts, and get told it’s a Lion Bar…

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