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Month: November 2021

Act of Cod

Hmm. Yes. Well. If truth be told, I’m not sure what to make of Strepsils 2 Fisherman’s Friend 2. A point gained? Two dropped? Time … Read more

Wrecking Crewe

It’s taken until today to actually get our heads around winning a game… So, the Friday after a win, and potentially another similar game tomorrow. … Read more

Naval Gazing

Something AFCW is quite good at… Another game, another defeat, and yet this one hasn’t quite unleashed the hounds of despair. Yes, a last minute … Read more

Navy Blue

The most anticipated tie against a Portsmouth side since HMS Victory visited Plough Lane… Well, we’ve had our ten days off from shitting the bed, … Read more

Happy Saturday

Well, your weekend isn’t about to be ruined by AFC Wimbledon… In one sense, it’s a bit annoying we have another international weekend sans match, … Read more