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New York City

Oh, that’s not what NYC means in this context.

Anyway, very brief additional update to mention that Nathan Young-Coombes has joined from our parent club Brentford.

He’s 19, can play up front and presumably wide too, and he was the Bees’, er, B-team player of the year.

Oh, and he scored 34 goals for them last season,

It’s a season long loan, and I assume with JJ’s MTM comments last night about getting a wide player in, that’s what we’ve been after.

While we’ve had some good players from Brentford (Forss) and some lousy ones (Pressley), NYC sounds a bit more experienced.

He featured for Brentford last May in the Premier League, so he does know what men’s football is like. Which is more than you can say for some recent loans.

Although a Bees fan off their forum wasn’t too impressed with his outing:

The five minutes of being skinned and battered by a not especially aggressive Southampton team who were 3-0 down were proof enough for him about how big a physical challenge he has to build up to if he’s to play in the PL.

It’ll be interesting to see how high a level he goes to and how he manages.

If he goes to L1 and wins a regular starting berth we may see him again in 23-24. Lower than that and/or not playing regularly and I think it’ll be a season later if ever.

To be fair, the comments made earlier this month on there suggest it’s a good move all round.

Obviously, we all want him to do well, though not too well as he’ll be back at Lionel Road in January if he storms it.

Perhaps the only question now is whether NYC is our last signing this window, or whether there’s more to come.

And if there are, how many more we need. Although a loss tomorrow will make some hope another eleven come in…

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