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Rotten Borough

Thank fuck there’s only three games left this season.

If I’m being honest, I’m not that bothered by losing 2-1 at a team chasing automatic promotion.

Even if we were playing well, it would have been one of those games where a defeat wouldn’t have been unexpected.

As it stands though, especially with the horror show that Easter became, it’s yet another storey we speed past as we hurtle to the ground.

After all, when Jack Currie of all people fucks up…

It’s genuinely difficult to say much else when the arse of the side went in the middle of February, and hasn’t been patched up since.

We’re still not guaranteed safety, and with Crawley and Hartlepool having their game in hand on Tuesday, it could start getting very uncomfortable.

As said on SW19 in recent weeks though, your editor still believes that the best thing for AFCW this season is to need a point at Grimsby to stay up.

And actually get it.

Other than that, we appear to be a setup that just can’t wait for the season to end. Both on the field and off it.

I’m in no doubt many if not most of these players won’t be here next season. A couple you may miss (Currie, even the Iraqi Scouser may be snapped up), but most you won’t.

Gunter and Brown certainly won’t be, and they were two of the more experienced players out there yesterday.

I know why they were put in, but they didn’t make our defence any better.

We should be thankful (?) that our last three games are against teams with absolutely zero to play for.

Swindon’s form, while not as lousy as ours, isn’t great and Tranmere also suffered the indignity of losing to Crawley.

If truth be told, we’re safe anyway, but I’d be much happier when it’s mathematically certain. And I expect I’m not alone.

The realisation is dawning that so much needs to be done this summer.

The most important thing is to finally give a status update on who will be in charge next season.

If it’s JJ, then so be it. It won’t be the most popular choice, but we’ve put ourselves in a position where we have few good alternatives.

The smoke signals suggest he’ll be in charge anyway, and knowing this club – the more some will frantically try and get him sacked, the more likely AFCW will dig in and keep him on.

I note that since the final whistle yesterday, some are trying to convince themselves** Gareth Ainsworth could come to Plough Lane.

** – I won’t go so far as to call it self-deception, even though many people are in a bad way over the manager situation right now.

In some ways, it feels like the last couple of seasons under Ardley, where so many believed he would go when there was truthfully no likelyhood of the club axing him.

Well, your editor sat in with the very man at the QPR media centre yesterday. And he looked a bit downhearted.

Him, not me.

But with the best will in the world, I just cannot see him ever taking the reigns at AFCW.

Why? Well, firstly if he keeps QPR up he’ll get some time to rebuild there. He’s almost like JJ at AFCW in that regard.

If he doesn’t, and he (likely) gets axed, there will be plenty of L1 sides or even Championship ones who would be more likely to get him.

We’d be way, way down his list. And that’s before you factor in we’d give him £6-00 for a transfer budget but would reduce it to £1-50 once the bean counters get their hands on the balance sheet.

I’d honestly forget Ainsworth, we’d be more likely to replace JJ with somebody like David Artell or even the Cowley brothers (if we could sort out the budget side of things).

Not that it matters, as there isn’t likely to be a vacancy at AFCW anyway.

And if there was, those calling for JJ’s head now will be wanting the new guy sacked after four months…

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