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Month: April 2023

Almost there

Not so much crawling over the finishing line, but being stretchered over it… Admit it – you’re glad tomorrow is the final home game of … Read more

Safety Dance

The moves on this video are just like how I imagine we defended yesterday… Well, we’re safe. And one should never want Crawley to win … Read more

Rotten Borough

Thank fuck there’s only three games left this season. If I’m being honest, I’m not that bothered by losing 2-1 at a team chasing automatic … Read more

Unhappy Easter

Well if nothing else, Jeff Stelling reckons we’re safe… There were various reasons why I decided to update today rather than the morning after Harrogate. … Read more


I’m not sure where the worst performance this past couple of days happened – AFCW or the SW19 WordPress database. In case you’ve followed the … Read more