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Coventry sent back

No posting and packaging required, either.

Even casual readers of SW19 know that it takes a lot for your editor to do an update on a midweek game, and even then it’s usually left until the Friday.

Last night against the Sky Blues though, it wasn’t just a come-from-behind victory with five minutes left.

Make no mistake, they should have been out of sight and the fact we were still a goal in it was maybe a bit of luck.

Although if we had scored in the first minute…

If you’re struggling to do any work today, then you can rewatch the goals again (and again), and marvel at how decent they were too.

Especially Ryan McLean’s, which I managed to miss because I was talking to the bloke behind me about needing a piss.

Yes, really.

You can well imagine what it was like afterwards. Just like you can imagine what it was like when we discovered we were going to Ponti Stamfordi too.

Your editor decided to be sociable for once and stayed around for a couple of drinks in BTH** and the growing realisation that us and Chelski were still in it was clear.

** – I rarely drink at games these days, but is it now just called By The Horns and not the Phoenix? Didn’t notice any signs for the latter.

Hearing people shouting “NOOOO” very loudly when Newport were drawn out, then the euphoria when Brentford were pulled out proves how unique football supporting is.

A lot of people haven’t been to SW6 since the WFC era, although quite a few went for the ex-JPT tie there. We’ll sell 7000 easily.

It wasn’t even a weakened Coventry side we beat, plenty of their fans were commenting on t’internet beforehand about that.

And considering we played the Bulgarian Kiwi (who deserved his MOTM) and Lee Brown too, made it an even more special night.

JJ himself clearly trusts his bench a lot more these days, which is why he made five subs instead of his usual two.

His faith was rewarded when it was Bugiel and the aforementioned McLean finding the net when it mattered.

I think this is what’s motivated me to do an update this Thursday morning. No, not the ability to rotate the squad more, although that’s good to see.

But we needed last night. And we’ve needed it for a good few seasons.

We needed it because we haven’t had much on-field joy for a good while. That come-from-behind victory against a higher placed side is a rare thing to experience anyway.

In the case of AFCW, at times it’s felt inconceivable that we could put on any sort of good performance in these type of fixtures.

But we’ve finally done one, and it feels even better this morning than it did last night.

We can look back on it and realise just how we stepped up to the plate when it mattered. Not to mention a trip up the District line as a reward for it.

As somebody put it this morning, we’ve had to rely on Franchise losing for the last couple of seasons for any joy whatsoever.

When you put it that way – that’s a very sad state to be in.

Granted, we could come right back down to earth on Saturday when Hollywood FC roll into town on their Learjets.

In fact, I fully expect us to become a cropper against Wrecsam, simply because we had such a good performance and result last night.

I could also mention about some stewarding issues, or news that one of the popular street food vendors seem to be packing it in.

Admittedly, I consider “street food” one of the marketing tricks of the 21st century, rebranding peasant food with high prices for hipsters.

Also, I’ve never tried MyPie, although many rave about it. I expect they’d be like Khosla’s KM samosas which were highly praised yet I found seriously over-rated.

Yet that’s churlish, and is misplaced right now. We won against a Championship side, for fucks sake.

So for the next couple of days, let’s just bask in something nice. We haven’t had that too often…

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