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Good beats evil

As somebody elsewhere put it – as much as I hate this fixture I fucking enjoyed this one. Fuck off you cunts.

I don’t go to our games against Franchise for various reasons (I’ve been to two of their fixtures – one non-AFCW – and that was enough for one lifetime), and I was away from SW17 today.

But today, whether you were at Plough Lane, listening or watching the game, or just simply leaving a symbolic gap – you can walk around like a dog with two dicks right now.

Females can do their equivalent of that too, whatever it is.

It was quite interesting doing a couple of errands while the game was going on, having Talksport on (where Sam Matterface called it a “grudge match”) and trying to keep all negative thoughts of last minute defeats out of one’s mind.

I checked in at 78 minutes, saw it was still 0-0 and that’s when the apprehension kicked in. Surely we couldn’t be done over at the death? Surely

Cometh the hour, cometh Ronan Curtis. Here’s the goal and the WDON commentary for you to put on loop for the next 24 hours.

Yeah, the cross was a bit lucky, but that’s what happens when you have a striker who knows where the goal is.

That bundle including just about every player, JJ, the crowd and some poor ballboy summed the whole thing up.

If you’re going to get a winner, that’s the very time to get it.

There was something a bit old skool about the reaction at the end, and I don’t doubt emotions got frayed.

But right now, I don’t give a fuck.

Today, it sounded like we turned up against them for once. And we got the reward – and result – we desperately craved.

The reaction was many things, but I think one major factor was a couple of months ago at their place.

Us shitting the bed big time at Stadium:MT was the fuckup too far. And I think our players knew that.

The buildup in previous clashes with them has been nothing short of pathetic, like we pretend it never existed.

This week has been different. Granted, we still can’t bring ourselves to say “Milton Keynes Dons” on the OS, but we’ve tried facing it head on this time round.

Interviews with players, actually accepting that we’re playing them let alone turning up, that’s what we should be doing.

And I don’t believe the approach we’ve done didn’t in part lead to the jubilation you’re feeling right now.

It could have gone badly wrong today. Losing would have hurt even if we put in every bit of sinew into this fixture. But to not show up again…?

I can’t say I’m a big Lee Brown fan, but I think he nailed it in the SLP before the game.

Perhaps his “play it down” comment was aimed at the club as much as anyone?

I think today was also a reaction to last week too against Doncaster. Now that was a shower of shit mixed in with a puddle of turds.

Your editor hasn’t been in a position to do much updating recently, especially the semi-regular Friday editions, but I felt a lot of the post-Donny reaction went OTT.

Sure, we’ve been in a bad run of form, but you are allowed a bad game from time to time.

Now isn’t the time to look back though. We’ve played our fiercest of fierce rivals and we got a 94th minute winner against them.

In truth it hasn’t fully sunk in yet that we’ve actually beaten those fucking shitcunt bastards.

But it will, and this probably won’t be the only update I do this weekend. There’s bound to be some fallout in some way, shape or form.

And I want to enjoy it…

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