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Trond Andersen signs

Looks like Trond is coming – he’s orally agreed to the contract we’ve offered him, he’s flying over to sign the contract OFFICIALLY on Sunday, and despite what you may well have heard, he was only ever officially approached by us, not Sheff Wed and not this mysterious other club. Probably somebody making it up to get a story, after all it’s not exactly an unusual occurence, if what Ray Harford once said (name dropping again, tsk). So, £2.5m, highly rated by Drillo and – so we’re told – Ole Gunner Sjkolskar. Mind you, Trond and OGS are apparently good friends, so that will always be a bonus.

Anyway, one person welcoming Trond is our very own Tore Pedersen. The Norwegian paper VG – isn’t that an old grocery store chain, used to sponsor Dundee Utd in the mid 80s? – had a live Q&A section with him this evening. Well, most of it was in Norwegian, and if you go to the Norse Connection Ola will give an English translation eventually I’m sure (right Ola?), but SW19’s ARMY got in on the act : I asked him “assuming we sign him, what are your thoughts on Trond Andersen” and TP replied

“Trond is a very good player. He’s a great talent and could be an important player for us. I hope we sign him.”

Count that as an exclusive interview 🙂 Looks as though TP has got his wish, and hopefully us shitting ourselves in defence will be a thing of the past….

Speaking of VG, they’re really pushing the boat out on us. Firstly, they’re going to be doing a live Q&A with Lars soon, and I think JH and Robbie “Wimbledon FC Meedja honcho” Earle will also come under cyber scrutiny as well. OK, so the WFC Official Site should also be doing this, but they’re shit so they won’t, but at least it’s occuring.

They’ve also got a interview with JH (again, many thanks to Ola). JH is really upbeat, saying

“I am happy to be here, and I think Egil can teach me a lot. Now I am only focusing to play for Egil and score goals for Wimbledon. The atmosphere in the club is very good, and Egil is occupied to keep the good environment”

and he later goes on to praise Lars and MH as well. Interesting to note that despite JH’s reputation, VG (for they are the source again) reckons how nice he is. Coincidentally, the writer of the piece – Mr Henrik Odiin – has an email address, if you go to you’ll find it, drop him a line to tell him what a nice job he’s doing.

OK, enough sycophantism. CPFC, our esteemed landlords, are now financially OK, because a consortium has bought them out for an “eight figure sum” according to Ceefax. I assume that’s in Lira. All right, so the shareholders have to approve it, but as much as I’ve ripped on CPFC in the past, I don’t think it’s really right that we should wish they would go bust. After all, it would put us in a really shit position re: SP and besides, would we like it if it happened to us? Fuck, I’m really mellow tonight.

Intriguing news from the Wimbledon Guardian. The Prince Georges Playing field in Raynes Park – for the unitiated, it’s inbetween Raynes Park BR, about 5 mins from Wimbledon BR, just off the massive A3 Roadway, and perhaps most important of all only 10-15 minutes walk away from SW19’s ARMY HQ – is set to be sold off, because the present owners are making a loss. Two people are interested, some housing developer and some bunch of shysters called Wimbledon Football Club. Now, it’s supposed to be for training and our new academy, but to be honest it’s quite a big site if you know what I mean. I’ll leave you to work out what I’m hinting at, all you need to know is that we’re much more likely to get the site………

Oh, and before I forget, Leo’s signed for Spurz for £3m. So obviously he’s given up football