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The day before…

Well, only one more day……..I can’t really remember such a level of anticipation on the first day since 1986, I suppose it’s because we’re stepping into the unknown once more. Course, we actually have quite a shitty record at Watford, so I guess we shouldn’t be too surprised if we don’t win.

Looks like we may play 4-4-2 if injuries are believed. Both Hughes, Ainsworth, and Maggie are unavailable, so TT reckon that Cort and Hartson will play up front, with Gayle in midfield. It’s reckoned that Pedersen is likely to be our defensive organiser, which is a 100% tactical improvement over the last 5 years…….. don’t expect WB to start, though he may be sub.

Here’s an email I received from a Norwegian guy called Johan Ivar Kvalo about Trond (thanks) –

“Trond Andersen is a young player who has played for Molde the last seasons. He has almost exclusively been used as a central defender at Molde, a position he plays well. He recently had his debut on the national team but was then used as a central midfielder. Even though he didn’t play too long for the national side it was obvious that he’s a lad for the future. He usually, from central defense, scores 4-5 goals during a season.”

Hmm, like the sound of this, best of all he’s young, maybe as an eventual replacement for Pedersen (who has, coincidentally, said that WFC will be his last club…). Anyhow, Johan continues :

“His strong sides are : positioning, strength/balance, and ball control. He is one of those defensively minded players who can actually play the game well.”

So, maybe not in the same mould as Eric Young, maybe more of a John Scales. Still, that’s no bad thing

Actually, signing Trond has caused a little bit of a stir, because Drillo has said that we need to sell a couple of players as a result. Now, Drillo is not stupid, he’s not going to sell players who will form the bulk of his starting XI, so don’t expect either JH, Carl Cort or Marcus Gayle to disappear too quickly (we’ve had three bids for the three players turned down this week, Leeds apparently were one of them…). Personally, I think it will be people like Roberts and Ekoku departing, though Drillo is still a bit concerned that Sully hasn’t signed a new contract. Wonder why?

Before the last update of the close season, I’ll end with yet another quote from Drillo : “”If we win, and it’s stated negative, I will fancy that. That is a good combination – winning matches and get a lot of shit in the newspapers…great! ” . Now come on, is there anyone else you would want as manager?