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Stuck in the middle

Right, I’ve waited 12 hours to do a report, I think I’m only just calming down now, so I’ll begin…..WFC 2 Chernobyl 3 and I’ve only just remembered how much referees hate us. The ponce “controlling” the game was a Mr. Barry Knight, who had only refereed one Prem game before, and boy did it show. He missed back-passes, gave handballs where there were none, throw-ins to Boro when even Buster Merryfield would have seen it was ours, etc that sort of thing. And as for the Boro penalty, which looked outside the area…….. of course, he was aided by Wendy Toms, who has to be the worst linesman…er lineswoman….ur referees assistant ever employed by the FA. Mind you, they couldn’t sack her because the Equal Opportunities people would get on the FAs case. Still, I know where she can stick her flag. Pity she’d enjoy it too much though

As to the game, a few points. One, our defence still thinks it’s playing under Kinnear, because if anything it was worse than last year. I know that Drillo has told us to expect this, and I think we need to be patient, but things really need to get moving quickly in that department. Indeed, he’s said that the defence really needs to start acting as a unit (stating the obvious but hey, I agree with him), TP looked out of sorts, although I still maintain that Dean Blackwell is not a Premiership player. That said, when Thatch came on, we looked better, but it seems a bit obvious already that Blackwell and TP aren’t working together, a fact shown against Watford (we played a lot better when Blackwell got sent off).

Two, Thatch is back and boy did Kimble look pissed off when he was replaced. Could he be going soon? We all know that Drillo wants to sell to buy, and players like Kimble could well be on their way. Would he really be missed?

Three, Roberts was utter toilet. No, he was worse than that, he looked like he played for Palace. Also playing badly was Michael Hughes. Now, stories have abounded about him going as well, but yesterday he seemed to slow the play down, and wasn’t particularly effective. Perhaps West Ham knew something we don’t? Earle looks past it, and should really be used as a “super” sub, we’ve got Euell, why not use him (and did you note how much better we became when Euell and Leaburn came on?)

Four, and probably most predictably, the atmosphere last night was AWFUL. And I blame Selhurst Park for that, if we can’t get optimistic even now (well, before 7.45pm last night), then there’s something fundamentally wrong somewhere. I think travelling to get there really takes it out of people. It wasn’t lost on me, and I don’t think it was lost on Drillo. Mind you we tried very hard to get going, but frankly I think it’s becoming harder with each “home” game. Don’t take us to Selhurts, SH, you could be signing our death warrant.

Plus points? Cort and JH. Cort took his goal well (although Drillo said we didn’t deserve to go in the lead) and JH played out of his skin. Indeed, one Hartson Hater I know said how impressed she was with him. Leaburn looked good, another super-sub if ever I saw one…..

Also a “plus” point, loads of people buying and wearing the new shirt. Apparently you can buy it in Sports Division near the Savacentre as well now, rumours abound that the sales are going extremely well, indeed everyone I spoke to seemed to buy it in Wimbledon. If there was any further proof that WFC needed a club shop in Wimbledon, this was it. Mind you, I’ve been told to put a sock in it with regards to why I’m not buying one, so I won’t say it. OK Paul? 🙂