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Trond Andersen (£2.5m) and Walid Badir (£1m) are now officially WFC players. So looks like the paperwork’s all gone through etc etc, and hopefully the two will start terrorising opposition players in the not-too-distant future. Although they could very easily play tomorrow, chances are they’ll be on the subs bench, though of the two I reckon WB will be probably more match fit. That said, TA will be quite raring to go, and he and TP could very well communicate with each other very well.

Tomorrow of course sees us play Nuclear Dumping Ground FC, aka Middlesbrough. Paul Ince will be making his debut, and in true self-styled “Guvnor” style will probably wander round shouting at everyone, misplacing passes and wondering why his career at Liverpool fucked up. Now as we all know, Ince fancies himself as a bit of a hard case, hence the “Guvnor” tag, so just give JH or Cort a couple of seconds on him and he’ll shut up no problem. Actually, did you know that (w)Incey was thrown out of Man U because he used to literally smack about the youth teamers? Genuine.

[SW19 note: Not sure if this was entirely true. Though the source I got it at the time from was somebody who knew Paddy Crerand…]

Dean “Cleanest Player In The Premiership In 1998/99” Blackwell will miss one game, against Newk. Then again, so will Shearer, unless he gets cleared from his elbowing exploits against Villa. As long as Ferguson ain’t playing we should be OK, because I think we’ve remembered how to attack now, and judging by the way the Geordies defended against the Spunks tonight we should get at least 2 goals. On second thoughts, even if Ferguson IS playing, because TP is about 3 storeys higher than Perry we should be OK. Coincidentally, in tonights game, there were FOUR ex-WFC players playing, namely Wazza for Newk and Scales/Perry/Leo for Spurz. So, remember next time that the Spurz wanking mafia slag us off that their beloved team employs at least 3 of our best players. Oh yeah, and Hans is their GK coach.

BTW, if you wonder what Mirror “writer” Mike Walters does in his spare time, he shoots smack, rapes women and farms off little kiddies to Celsi assistant managers. Well his report today in today Mirror shows that he ain’t a football journalist. Although to write for the Mirror, you do have to be mentally suspect…..