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Post Watford fallout

Some fallout from Watford : Drillo says that we performed “average”, especially in defence, although he reckons we’ll be OK by Christmas. I would prefer it a little if it was before Xmas, say, September. He was, however, extremely impressed by the way that we came back, and said how great our running was. Naturally, we were incensed by Blackwell going off, with Lars apparently almost getting sent off himself because he protested too much.

Now Lars, this is the Premiership. The only teams that are allowed to protest are Manchester United, Celsi and Spurz. Man U because they are the treble winners and therefore must be protected at all times because they are upholding English football, Celsi because they have bought in all these foreign players which has so enriched the Premiership, and of course Spurz because they are part of the aristrocrats of football who are Londons finest and must be upheld as paragons as virtue so all us plebiscite clubs can look up to them and hold them in awe, knowing full well that no matter what we do we will never be as revered as they (excuse me, I need to vomit).

Remember, they complain like fuck because they’re concerned about the general wellbeing of the game. If we complain, it’s because we’re thugs who have bought down the level of standard to lumberjack style, and therefore we must be destroyed. So bear that in mind the next time one of the spineless big-club puppets called referees send our players off.

Drillo made a quote, picked up by BBC Ceefax : “Was it you Englishmen who created this rule?” when referring to Blackwell’s sending off. It was treated as a joke, though it wouldn’t surprise me one bit if Drillo was being serious.

Speaking of discipline, JH was substituted not because he wasn’t playing well – he was – but he was very close to twatting a Watford player. As much as I want JH to injure people, I don’t think it would have gone down too well at Lancaster Gate.

Contary to what you may have been told, Andy Roberts did not go into defence after Blackwell got red carded – it was the vastly improved Jupp going into RB, with KC going into CB with TP. Enough initials for you?

Of course, the main news from WFC was nothing to do with us winning, or more likely Watford losing. No, it was Drillo getting his wellies burnt. Yup, this was the first question Drillo was asked. Now, is this really necessary? I know that the press are trivial at the best of times, but this really takes the piss. I mean, can you imagine Alex Ferguson, on losing the league title, being asked what he felt about losing it? On second thoughts, maybe I can if it’s ITV doing the interview……