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Pre Coventry thoughts Yeah, it’s Friday 13th, and boy have we got spooky news for you. The Times reckons that SH is talking to Ron Noades about buying the Shitehurst freehold, alledgedly quoting “our crowds have gone up 300 per cent and we want to stay here permanently”. We? Sorry, SH wants to stay at SP permanently, everyone else wants a move from that dump. The Palace fans want us out, we want to move, the players don’t really like it, so why is Sam so upbeat about it? This really depresses me when he comes out with this.

Every time I see a new stadium, or new stand, elsewhere, it’s just another slap in the face for WFC fans as far as I’m concerned. You can’t tell me that there isn’t somewhere – probably not in Merton, but surely Sutton, or Kingston, or Richmond, or even in the whole of Surrey, where there’s suitable land? You mean to tell me that all we’ve worked for is irrelevant, because Hammam was planning this all the time?

Fuck, if this is true, and if this is how the Wimbledon fairytale will end up – in a sea of mediocrity because Hammam was being too pig headed to negotiate – then we can stick it. Remember when SH was claiming that every meeting at Crown House, Morden, was “at a critical stage”? Was he really bothering? Remember the meetings at Merton council? The anti-Dublin stuff? All this could well be rendered irrelevant, because of SH’s obsession with getting more away fans in. This stinks, and I want no part of it. Take us home, Hammam, your whole reputation depends on it. Sorry to be so down, but I’m extremely pissed off with all this, so I’ll continue. Tomorrow we play Coventry City at Sam Hammam’s favourite stadium, and perhaps Trond and WB will make their debuts. Lars has mentioned how impressive Trond is, and Badir is rumoured to be “potentially world class”. Hmm, so was Dean Holdsworth. Anyway, expect Roberts and Kimble to be dropped, expect Gayle to be playing up front, and hopefully expect WFC to learn the rudiments of defending. Come on, Coventry are ripe for a major stuffing, and I can’t remember the last time we scored five goals in a league game…. Lars is mentioning more about our training methods. According to VG/TNC, Drillo explains

Buy Zolpidem Paypal “We had a video session which I think was very enlightening for them. They could easily see when we lost the formations”

So, the Drillo video revolution is working, although I would imagine that watching a vasectomy operation would be less painful than watching our defence Tuesday. Perhaps more enlightening is Drillo’s next quote:

“The players were clearly interested. This is new for them. It looks like they never have received any real feedback, and we are certain they are happy with it” Now this is very interesting : when I was at school, I was severely shit at maths. When I went to college, I was given proper feedback on mathematical problems, where I was going wrong etc. I now have a Computing degree. This same principle I think applies to the players – see, under JK, we made the same mistakes over and over again. This time, we seem to know when we’re fucking up, and Drillo reckons that the players are responding. Hope so

Speaking of Drillo, he’s having to take the train to SP because he finds the journey a pain in the arse from Wimbledon. Next time you speak to Sam, tell him this, maybe that will change his mind about how wonderful SP is.

Elsewhere, in probably an unrelated story, Mark Goldberk has left as Palace chairman. Although it’s now rumoured that this new consortium they’re getting in is installing their new chairman, name…….Mark Goldberk. Do you get the feeling that this situation is like an old turd that won’t flush down the pan?

Actually, it may pay to be a little worried with Goldberk coming back, he’s reportedly very keen on us permanently groundsharing with CPFC. That said, if the consortium don’t want us to share……..we know the Palace fans don’t, and despite some of the bad blood between us and them, they could well be our most unlikeliest allies.