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Sent from Coventry

Cheapest Tramadol Overnight Published by REPD on Tramadol 100Mg Online 14 August 1999

Bugger. Tramadol Overnight Visa WFC 1 Concrete City 1, and obviously our attempts at actually winning a so-called home game since January have been thwarted by that pesky referee. First half was actually pretty dull, Coventry weren’t good and neither were we. Second half we were much better yet still not up to our best.

Tramadol Eu Online The trouble today was a complete reveral of Tuesday, namely today we were good (well, OK, better) in defense than attack. Personally, I thought that Earle and Cort didn’t have particularly good games at all – we overhit the ball way too often, we did flick ons to nobody in particular and we didn’t really get going in midfield. That said, our defence seemed a bit more organised, obviously having Maggie return helped – maybe the zonal system is working? OK, so Coventry aren’t the best forward line in the country but we looked a bit more solid.

Pleasingly, Trond played the whole match and looked pretty good, one for the future. WB sadly didn’t play – alledgedly injured – though from reports I think he too will be a star. Well, anyone than Roberts, who for some reason played then was replaced by Michael Hughes. On his way? And did you know that Thatch actually PASSED to Roberts and even stood next to him in the wall? Well, things must be looking up…. The goals? Well, Cort scored in the second half on 67 minutes, then TP decided to hold back John Aloisi in the 91st minute in the penalty box, to be honest I didn’t see it but the players looked totally fucked off. Now, I find it very very strange that we have conceeded 3 penalties in the last 3 games – whether this is due to our change of style, or a change in the rules, or the fact that referees are all cunts is unclear. Needless to say, they scored and we fail to win at SP yet again. Pissed off? Nah, we expect it nowadays. Still, the defence is coming together a bit better, and the fact that I’m pissed off that we didn’t win is a marked improvement since March this year..

Oh, and if Gordon Strachan was our manager, he would be known as a snidey, whinging cunt. As he’s ex-Man U, and of course everyone’s favourite, he’s given the “firey Scot” moniker. He openly cheered when Thatch was injured by a late Coventry tackle and started larging it up to Sam after the game (not to mention the fact that before the game he sneered at our welly-burning exploits, saying something like “that’s not what I call team spirit”). Never mind, he’ll be out of a job soon. Tramadol Cheapest Tramadol Uk Order Tramadol Online Order Cheap