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Saint Anger

How the fuck did it finish Sinners 1 Saints 1??? This was a total reversal of last weeks game against Villa, only this time it was us who should have got all three points. Swings and roundabouts anyone? Suffice to say, we should really have won 5-0. We had two goals disallowed for no apparent reason, we hit the post, they had one goal disallowed, their goal was offside anyway, so that didn’t count, and couple that with their goalie making very good saves, and you can imagine the frustration.

Overall, we played well, though of course without an ability to put the ball away. Indeed, I totally forgot how frustrating these matches could be – so we’re quite clearly moving in the right direction. Midway during the second half, REMBE was dragged off – though he did play well, he was clearly tiring. However, he had the MASSIVE strop with being pulled off….tsk, threw your dummy out of the pram did you? Sulking git.

Walid came on and looked good, so did Sir Carlos, who is fast becoming our new Super Sub a la Alan Cork (now that’s a complement). JH was good, not too sure about Gayle (even if he did score the winner), Cort wasn’t brilliant but hey, what do you expect? Next week, we’ve got Leeds. I think if ever was a time to win a match, next week would be it – Gayle’s 90th minute shot may well have been our turning point…

Coincidentally, did you know that we’ve only been beaten once in 10 games?