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This really isn’t an update of news, but more a basic update on the site. I have been beavering away the last 3 days trying to build a brand new Pentium 3 500mhz with 256mb RAM, and at 9pm today I succeded. I had to cope with failing power packs to dodgy cases to the ATX form to me even getting a 240 volt electric shock. That is why there has been no updates the last three days (that and the fact I haven’t been able to catch up with any news). Normal service WILL be resumed tomorrow, I almost guarantee it.

On a quick recap, loads of rumours going around about JH and CC wanting to leave, though as they aren’t actual quotes going from the two camps, it does seem like more meedja shit stirring
Also, as we all know, the CP consortium can’t find the dough, so they’ve gone to us and asked SH if he wants to buy 50% of SP. Now, this should be bourne in mind: SH wants 100% of SP, he doesn’t like being a tenant, and indeed he is quoted as saying that there should only be one team at SP to make it work. Now, two things : one, does he want to risk the clubs future at SP? And two, would he really want to bale CPFC out (or to put it another way, would he want to be responsible for the death of CP?). There’s a lot more to this story than us buying SP, rest assured