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Fuck the Millennium

Yes, SW19 passed the Millennium Bug without any hitches, though even a new century and all the new hope which we’ve been told to expect still doesn’t alter the fact that anyone who works at PC World is a complete and utter spasmo…….the story is too long to get into here, but suffice to say I have probably been banned for life from walking into the Colliers Wood branch

Anyway, enough of that. Drillo reckons that Carl Cort is a possible England proper team candidate. Well, he would be if he left us anyway. Unfortunately, Cort hasn’t been doing too well recently, he’s been injured a lot, he looks slow and uncomposed on the ball etc, can’t see him playing for England. Well, he could if he changed his name to Alan Shearer

Both Andy Roberts and REMBE have substained knee injuries, to add to JH’s knee problems and Alan Kimble’s hamstring. Great – so what have we been doing in training?