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Happy new year

Following on from the stories in certain papers that Wild Thang isn’t wanted anymore, the same papers are now reporting that we do want him. How ruddy convenient – talk about how much easier everything is in “hindsight”. Never mind, he should be back soon, so we can see how great he is for about 3 matches before he does in his groin again.

Good report in yesterday’s Express newspaper about Drillo – he loves English soccer grounds, and describes lovingly Plough Lane (and people STILL wonder why we praise him so much). He says of our real home:

“It is a shame that it is no longer used for anything now. It is derelict. But what an atmosphere that little place had”

Damn fucking right, we have never achieved anything of note at SP and never will, because we’ve lost that edge (take note, Hammam), so these sorts of comments are like ibuprofen to the ground headaches. Interesting comment from the journo who wrote it : “Plough Lane – perhaps the smallest and most atmospheric of any top flight grounds”. Atmospheric is right, but smallest? I always thought the Manor Ground, Boundary Park or the pre-refurb Ewood Park were smaller.

Oh, and a quick belated mention to one Daley Thompson, who got a much deserved CBE. I guess dealing with our injury crisis is worth at least a mention in the New Years Honours List……