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Thatcher out? Published by Ambien Cr Online REPD on Ambien Buying 5 January 2000

As to be expected, Maggie is going up before the FA after doing his impression of John Fashanu. However, he – like Drillo – still reckons it was accidental, although I doubt if the FA will buy that excuse somehow, not with the media shit-storm that has gone on. Point to ponder – would anyone have made anything of it had a) Summerbee crocked Maggie instead, or b) if Sunderland hadn’t lost?

Good news – Palace look increasingly like they’re staying afloat. The Malaysian guy – one Mr Lim – has met with the CP creditors and although they’ve broken up talks until next week they reckon a lot of progress has been made – and even if that fails, the Palace directors are waiting in the wings to take over proceedings. It is thought that either one (or both) of the two parties will take control of the SP freehold, which will totally fuck up SH.

This may also be a definitive turning point in our ground situation – JPS has stated that we need a new ground away from SP, so has Drillo, Svein Bakke is aware of it and the Telegraph has hinted that KIR is impatient over it. Additionally, the Sunderland programme had quite a bit about Plough Lane in it, especially good comments from Roy Law and Allen Batsford, and I can’t remember that for a long time.

I hope somebody somewhere has twigged – even our brain dead admin can’t have failed to notice the fact that we have totally sold out our Fulham allocation (3,800 terrace tickets sold, 600 seats sold, only 2,000 available on the gate) – assuming we sell out our 5,600, that’s at least equal to what we get for most so-called “home” games, and indeed only 600 less than our ST sales. I’m not really holding my breath, but I hope the Palace situation and from what it appears our record away attendance at Fulham will have slapped SH in the face. You can’t have WFC playing in Croydon, as Roy Law put it (it wouldn’t surprise me if “pressure” has been put on SH from up high if you know wot I mean). Yes, Palace have themselves to blame for this entire mess they’re in, yes nine times out of ten I wouldn’t really care about them (after all, would their fans care if we went bust?), and yes, most of us want them to survive for purely selfish reasons, but you can bet your life that we want Mr Lim to be successful in rescuing Palace as any Palace fan.