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Thatcher out? Continued

Apparently, we’re going to fine Maggie for his John Fashanu impression, rather than let the FA do it. I say “apparently”, because news from Norway suggests no such thing. My reckoning is that the club will probably do our own discipline **IF** Maggie gets done (which looks pretty likely anyway).

Now, some Wombles may accuse the club of not standing by our players, some even going so far as to say we have “betrayed” Maggie by doing so. Personally, I think that is bollocks, because by making potential discipline moves ourselves, it puts us (ie WFC) on the moral high ground (so to speak) over it, especially over clubs like Man U who refuse to do ANYTHING to their players. Not only that, but it will show Maggie that good player though he is, his temper can and does cost us. Perhaps most importantly, if we fine him, as opposed to the FA, at least the money stays within WFC………..

Some are reckoning that this incident has cost Thatch his possible England place. Which is rubbish – WFC are the football equivalent of Jesse Owens.

One further point of annoyance – some people have decreed that the match should be replayed because the elbow started the buildup. Anyone who suggests this is clearly too stupid to watch a football match – how many times have we seen matches where dodgy decisions cost goals? It’s happened to us too many times this season to mention and now we’re getting a bit of luck. And before any Mackems complain about it, perhaps they would like to replay their Villa match when they got a non-existant penalty against the Brummies…….