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A cottaging we will go

Published by REPD on 7 January 2000

Buying Tramadol In The Uk Only a matter of hours now before Fulham, and this has to be probably the most anticipated match since 1991 – all the “old guard” and those who (wisely) boycott SP matches are coming out for this one. I fully expect WFC to get slaughtered because we’re taking more to an away game than a so-called “home” game, but for once I don’t care. We’re playing in the “right” side of London, and the interest proves what we’ve said all along. One thing – if we really, really, really, have to squat at somebody else’s ground for the rest of our existance, why not quite SP and move in at the Cottage? It seems that injury and the dratted flu are causing havoc – only 16 fit players, we are led to believe, though how much of that is bluffing we don’t know. Thankfully, Alan Kimble may be back, so at least we can be spared the horrible thought of Neil Ardley playing in defence. If enough people get fit, we may even be spared the horrible thought of Neil Ardley playing full stop.

Maggie won’t be playing tomorrow, and if TwatTalk are any source, he may not be playing for us much longer full stop. He’s (supposedly) signed a pre-contract agreement to join Liverpool at the end of the season, where he is (supposedly) out of contract. I say “supposedly” because I didn’t actually know he was going on a Bosman. Or is that Sully? Jesuz, I’m confused. Speaking of Sully – Arse, Man U and Celtic have all been linked with him. I would prefer him to go to Celtic, primarily because I don’t want him playing against us, but more importantly they want him sooner and are more likely to pay more money for him. Tramadol Online Usa Tramadol Sverige Online Paypal Tramadol Tramadol Tablets Online Tramadol Cheapest Overnight Tramadol 50 Mg Online Uk