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Ful’s gold

We take 5,000 away for the first time since the WC Semi last year. We put a load of effort in, both outside and inside the ground. We prove that we have got some fanbase. And what do we get? Egyptian Tax Cheats 3 Lebanese Tax Cheats 0. And it should have been by a lot, lot more.

This wasn’t unlucky, this wasn’t down to injuries (though it is as legit an excuse as possible in the circumstances I suppose), this was just sheer bloody idleness. None of the players could really have given a fuck – ignore the paedos in the press and Crapital Gold blaming it all on Drillo’s tactics, because if your players can’t really be bothered to play, then no amount of tactical genius will get you through.

Fulham wanted it – period. I would like to say that these things happen occasionally in the cup, but they seem to happen to us more than most – witness West Brom 2-0 in 1990, Spurz 3-2 (1993), Celsi SF 3-0 (1997), and Spurz 3-0 last season.

The culture of WFC seems to be Prem survival (I consider settling for survival year in year out as a massive failure on the part of WFC – not a success, and I think too many of our fans are gullible enough to swallow that line of thinking) at the expense of real success like reaching cup finals and finishing in the upper half of the table – it’s a long settled malase within the club, one we have probably had since 1988, and I think that probably explains what we saw today.

Deny I’m right – bet you can’t, at least not without some serious thinking about what I’ve said. We will invariably have the post-mortems, many will blame the injuries, some people will blame Drillo, Crapital Gold even accused the Norges (ie KIR) for disrupting the team (what??????) – though if you really believe that then you are an utter spasmo and shouldn’t be allowed out on your own. One thing is for certain, I bet the team will put a bit more effort into the Coventry game, though anything that will take the club beyond 14th place will undoubtedly be discouraged………

The match? Well, suffice to say that the love affair with Carl Leaburn has to be over. Yes, he scored two goals against Palace, and he may be the lovable giant, but the guy is totally out of his depth now. He can’t even hold the ball up, which his apologists claim he is a master at – sorry, but we need somebody on loan quick (bet you we get Dean Holdsworth back…), otherwise those two months without JH will be hell. Sullivan won’t sign and is reportedly off.

The amount of times he flapped today proves that his heart isn’t in it anymore – why not give Kelvin Davis a run-out? We wouldn’t lose anything. I still don’t rate Gayle, I think that Cort isn’t as good as everyone thinks he is, and Wilmott came out of his baptism the hard way. Do I have to go on? It’s fucking me off even more than I want to put up with

And I have a stinking cold.