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Thatcher out, part….

Tramadol Cheap Prices Published by Tramadol With Mastercard REPD on 13 January 2000 Serious wank written about Maggie’s 2 match ban – most self appointed “opinion formers” and many non-WFC fans are ranting about how it should be six games etc. Now listen up, fuck faces – Maggie got DOUBLE what Brian Deane and Matt Elliott received for similar offenses, and you’re still not satisfied? OK then, wait until one of your favourites like Ginola does similar (and believe me, it will happen) – don’t start getting all uppity when we start pushing for 3 match bans. Or are your glasses too rose tinted?

If we want Jan Age Fjortoft, we’ll have to shell out £0.5m for a permanent transfer, in other words Eintract Frankfurt aren’t interested in a loan deal. JAF is keen to return to English football, and he’s a good friend of Drillo (aren’t they all?) so this could be a goer – personally, we should sign him permanently anyway, because unlike Cort and Gayle, he is pretty capable of scoring goals regularly. Also, we may be after some Danish bloke (whose name I have totally forgotten) – let’s hope that if he signs he attracts a load of those rather nice looking Danish women to our games. Michael Hughes is after a transfer – he’s got to go for an operation on Friday, after that he’ll look for another club. Fact is, he’s been shit all year, he’s over-weight and has an attitude problem, so I doubt if he’ll be any loss. The muppets won’t agree of course, and no doubt they’ll bring out the “but he was Player Of The Year two seasons ago” bollocks. Yes, a lot can happen in two years – hell, two years ago Blackburn Rovers were quite good. Merton, Sutton and Wandsworth health authority have come up with a bright idea – if you’re under a certain age, and you’re a slave to nicotine, they will offer you an incentive to give up smoking before a certain date : they are offering 25 pairs of tickets to the WFC vs Leicester City game as a “reward”. It’s a good idea of course, and I will never understand why people smoke given all the known health hazards, but you would think that MSW would have found a better incentive for people to give up – how about a free lung transplant? Order Tramadol Cheap Overnight Order Tramadol Overnight Delivery Tramadol Order Cheap Tramadol Buy Online Tramadol Online Overnight Delivery