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Take the Highfield Road

Deep breath – Peugeot Factories 2 Where The Bill Is Filmed 0. This match confirmed what we knew for ages : we miss JH and how. Even if we had been playing till 3pm next Saturday we still wouldn’t have scored, and we can’t even blame Marcus Gayle because he didn’t play. Carl Cort, who many describe as one of our best players, was utter shite. He was slow, bottled out of 50-50 challenges and gave the ball away far too many times.

Damien Francis wasn’t much better, nor REMBE, but in general we didn’t have a clue what to do up front, and when your attack is shite it puts undue pressure on your defence. That said, Coventry’s first goal was iffy – Sky called the penalty “harsh” – and the second goal was just a matter of time anyway.

So, what now? A signing, be it loan or permanent, of a decent centre forward is essential : if we stick with Cort and Euell then we will be fucked. Poor Wayne Gray can’t be expected to do it all, and our midfield must learn to actually pass the ball to those on the same side. We are seriously lacking in confidence at the moment, we haven’t won away for a l—o—n—g time, and those morbid people who predict relegation may well be right. Fuck I hope not