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Post Coventry fallout

Published by Ambien To Buy REPD on 16 January 2000

Drillo’s getting some stick yet again – this time for saying in the Coventry programme that we will find points very hard to come by in the next two matches. Basically, he’s been slagged off for having a negative attitude about it, which you may find reasonable until you realise that what he’s saying is disturbingly true.

It’s clear that he’s not too happy with our forward line, witness the way he is openly looking for a striker who is “good in the air and can score goals” (quoted) because “there aren’t many of them about at the moment”. Ask yourself this – if our strikeforce is good enough, as some Wombles seem to think, why is Drillo making those comments?

The Reservoir Don came up with a theory that the British players aren’t used to Drillo’s style of management and that they may need to be “yelled at”. Doesn’t Mick Harford and Lars do that already? Isn’t part of the problem of our major decline over the past few years from top 8 club to strugglers was that JK’s 24 hour rantathon sessions ended up having the reverse effect to what they were (supposed) to do (well, that and grotesque mismanagement) ?

There seems to be a horrible feeling of deja vu around at the moment, namely no matter what Drillo tries to do, the old JK era complacency is setting in. Guess the older players think that the new years means they can stop playing once again because we aren’t going to go down. Honest. Old habits and old attitudes within WFC are harder to shift than first thought. A mass clearout may be needed at WFC (which is what should have happened at the beginning of this season, but Drillo thought it better of it), and one player 99% on his way is Sully. Arsenal want him, which is perfectly acceptable to us of course. Sadly, we won’t get any money for him, but it’s modern football. Coincidentally, SH is prepared to lick Sully’s backside to convince him to stay – and he wonders why Sully won’t sign a new contract???????? Buy Ambien Fast Shipping Buy Ambien Cr Generic Buy Zolpidem In India