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Reserves at Palace

Latest on JH – he’s happy to stay, well according to Drillo he is anyway. Looks increasingly like John Barnett is more keen on JH moving than JH himself. Well, what do you expect from agents?


Coincidentally, there was a reserve game tonight at Crystal Palace Athletics stadium, featuring CP reserves versus our reserves. Here’s what you need to know : we lost 2-1, JH and Maggie didn’t play, Kjetil Waeler, Duncan Jupp and the returning Michael Hughes played. Nobody was really spectacular, Hughes started off well then sort of fizzled out. Waeler went off with a nasty looking head injury. And there seemed to be as many Wombles as there were home fans. From the picture above, it really was about 2 miles from the stand to the pitch. And the CP Sports Complex is showing its age big time, whole thing really needs knocking down and rebuilding. Yeah, it was dull.