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Fatherfucker, continued

Even though he’s been sacked, SH is still trying to make a nuisance of himself. Here’s something for you – he was down the training ground today, claiming that he never wanted to sell JH ever and in fact issued a “hands off” warning to everyone. Er, right. So, if SH is telling the truth, then it means that Drillo is lying. Which seems unlikely because Drillo himself said that he was upset that SH told him that JH was being sold.

Confused? I would be, but the trouble for SH is that he’s digging a hole deeper and deeper for himself because nobody really believes him anymore. Why would Drillo need to lie about somebody who he still clearly has a great deal of affection for? Why would Drillo want to stich SH up in such a way? I would seriously doubt that Drillo would want to piss off BRG, so my guess is that SH is merely trying to gain some sort of support for himself. I assume that SH has really packed his belongings, and it will be interesting to see what this new guy, one Charles Koppel, will be like.

Coincidentally, SH has been linked with buying up Palace should the Mr Lim bid go down. SH will need to move quick, because the admin officers there have said that they may pull the plug after the March 23rd transfer deadline.

Jason Euell has been linked with a move away from the club, despite assurances from Drillo. Do we have anarchy at WFC?

Funny story – the players themselves had a impromtu meeting at the training ground to discuss what’s been happening. Organised by Jason Euell himself (REMBE was too busy commentating for Crapital), the players realise that they have been fucking up and have promised to do something about it. Which is nice, makes a change them bothering about a performance for once….