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Weeding out the rats

Right, listen up because I am in a seriously fucked off mood at the moment – two of our “great white hopes”, ie Jason Euell and Carl Cort, are making noises about leaving. Euell has put in a written transfer request (which was turned down immediately), and Carl Cort is hinting that SHOULD we go down he will fuck off because “the Premiership is the place to be”.

Now, I don’t need to remind you that this is one of our biggest games for some years. This really could make or break us. I know that defeat is unthinkable, though it is a possibility, but even a draw may not suffice tomorrow. We have to win. We have to get behind the team, and I mean everybody. If you want to boo, then you are not a supporter of WFC, and frankly you should fuck off back to Celsi. There seems to be enough disloyalty from the playing staff as it is without the fans getting in on the act.

Now the Cort and Euell saga. Both men are represented by John Barnett, who happens to be JH’s (and JK’s) agent. Now, I thought I hated Eric Hall, but I really, really hope that this guy gets killed in a head-on crash tomorrow. Or doused in acid. Or nicely mangled in a freak boat accident. Remember the problems when Holdsworth was “tapped”? Well, this is exactly the same situation.

So I have a thought – if Carl Cort, or Jason Euell, or anyone else for that matter, is not prepared to stand and fight, to battle for Wimbledon, to battle for their own pride for that matter, could they do us all a massive favour and FUCK OFF. Got that? I am FED UP with over-paid prima donnas thinking that they can run the show. The players did exactly the same last year, and nearly got us relegated. This year is no different – trouble is, people are going to blame Drillo and the other Norwegians, when anyone with a slightly longer memory than a goldfish will know that it’s got nothing to do with them.

Perhaps they could be better off examining the REAL problem, namely player attitude. When Euell slapped in his transfer request – I don’t care if his agent told him to do it or not – he proved that he’s not up for the job. When Carl Cort hints that he may leave at the end of the season, he is not up for the job.

When REMBE makes yet another slight dig at the management in his ESS comment, he is not up for the job (and he certainly shouldn’t be captain). Many may bauk at this, and would be scared about losing Cort and Euell, but I say this – if they want to go, sell them. I would rather have people like Gareth Ainsworth playing. Hell, I would rather have somebody from the second division playing instead of those two, because at least they would put 100% effort in EVERY game.

Who cares if they’re not quite as skillful? The team comes first, but with Euell and Cort (and others) you’re not too sure if that is the case. Tellingly, we’ve had positive comments from Sully (who is fearful of relegation, and he would be the least concerned you would think), people like KC and Marcus Gayle have kept a thankfully dignified silence, and Alan Kimble has said to one of our supporters that he’s up for it. So there is hope….

More on SH. Firstly, Reg Davis confirmed the reports about SH being responsible. Now, Sir Reg has never been one of my favourites over the years, but I really genuinely feel sorry for him this week. Secondly, SH has confirmed that he’s been sacked, although he says that he is willing to help the club out “in any way he can”. OK then, fuck off. Or tell people like Euell and Cort to stop pissing about. Or something. He says that he is going to be in the background (I believe you), but bizzarely he’s now praising R&G for not selling our players. What? It was never their intention in the first place…..

You’ll be pleased to know that David Buchan reckons that it’s all R&G’s fault that JH got nearly sold, totally absolving blame from SH. Funny how everyone else doesn’t think that in Pressland. Fucking hell, when John Barnett is in that fatal car crash I hope the drunken Scottish cunt is driving.