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Outfoxing the opposition Published by REPD on 11 March 2000

Zolpidem Buy Online Australia Thank fuck for that – after all the shit, we finally get that shot in the arm, in the form of Foxhunters 2 Foxes 1. No, it wasn’t the most wonderful of games, but I think the players finally got the message through that playing well on and off like a tap doesn’t cut it in Premiership football. Yes, Leicester may have been “tired”, and they may have lost their best striker (hey, we nearly lost our club this week….), but ultimately we deserved to win this simply because of the events this week. There was no Sully (hand) – so in came Paul Heald and played well.

Also missing was HH, for reasons unknown, though I doubt if he’s having a strop. Better well ought not to be. We managed to see three rarities today – a WFC penalty, Neil Ardley scoring from it, and Carl Cort scoring. OK, that’s two rarities, but the guy has missed so many sitters that it’s a change for him to score it. Drillo puts this performance down to the players and management talking it over, and saying that WFC does have ambition. This may explain why R&G were apparently down the training ground yesterday, re-affirming that they WILL buy new players, they WILL have a new training ground, and ultimately we WILL have a new stadium. All sounds promising, OK we’ve been let down before, but you get the impression that R&G are not exactly the sort of people who will make those big a promises and renaige on them. You don’t build up Aker RGI by propaganda alone. A moan now, and it’s a big one – why did people boo Martin Andresen ONTO the pitch today? I thought it was despicable, many others around me did so too. Yes, I know full well that it was because Drillo didn’t put Michael Hughes on immediately, but do you really think that is going to help matters? Firstly, Dry Martini came on because Lund looked shagged, nothing more. Michael Hughes came on TWO MINUTES LATER – hardly worth getting upset about. Thirdly, Hughes looked less than 100% when I saw him play against Palace reserves, so I’m not surprised he was given less than 10 minutes. Yes, he may have changed the game, and yes it was nice to see him back. But for all our talk about the players being disloyal, I think some of our fans (and I don’t mean an utterly tiny minority either) are about as loyal as a Hammam or a Euell. That is something that you expect from the Celsi wankers – in truth, I wonder how many of these muppets are former Celsi fans themselves. Well done, lads, you really showed how big a losers you really are. Please don’t bother renewing your STs next year, you don’t deserve them.

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Ambien Sale Online Finally – why was SH still on the touchline if he’s been sacked? And why was he walking out with BRG, the man who sacked him? Maybe he just can’t let go? Or is it sheer and utter guilt on the part of Hammam for what he’s done? Or is this what he means by “being in the background”? Whatever, he’s yesterday’s man now…. Coincidentally, JPS is gone, now that BRG has taken full control. Also telling is the fact that the WFC marketing department has invited 6 people from various parts of the WFC supporting fraternity (not me, I hasten to add…) to a meeting to plan a way forward. Now, part of the R&G meeting yesterday mentioned that a re-vamp of WFC is on the cards (not that I’ll object to that, not one bit), and I don’t ever recall something like this happening. Hopefully this is the sign of things to come.