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Alf Barnett

Cheap Ambien From Canada You know, I’d really forgotten how bad the press could be, but their jerking off at our supposed demise is really taking the biscuit. Case in point – today’s rags (broadsheet and tabloid alike) are ejaculating profusely at the fact that Drillo said that we’re £10m in debt and we will probably have to sell. What the tossers didn’t quite twig was that Drillo was saying that nobody before the transfer deadline would be sold, a fact backed up by BRG. Yes, we are “£10m down” as Drillo put it. Like you were surprised? In a way, we’re quite lucky I suppose, because both Cort and Euell have been told to quit WFC, and we could easily make the £10m up. The insinuation by BRG that we don’t need to worry about being in debt translates to the fact that we don’t need to sell desperately, though we will sell. Simple, really. As for Euell, well he (or John Barnett) are really starting to irritate me beyond belief. The transfer request was turned down by Barney, which has let Cunt Face Barnett to say “He thinks they [ie WFC] are past their sell-by date. It’s his decision, he doesn’t see a future for himself at Wimbledon. And he would love an opportunity to play elsewhere. It’s going downhill fast and, although his first transfer request was turned down, he’ll keep going back”. What an utter fucking tosser – I don’t think Barnett needs a JFEA, I think a night in a Belsen gas chamber would be better. Think about what he said – basically, he thinks that WFC are going nowhere, a charge that may have been true a few months ago but now looks increasingly incorrect – after all, when was the last time our owner publically announced that two sites were on the agenda for a new ground?. Fuck knows what Barnett…er Euell would have made about SH’s repeated failures to even talk to the council Speaking of our disgraced ex-owner, I was reminded tonight of a meeting between SH and the council, where the council said that the council had offered a site for WFC to use. This was back in 1993. Now, had the stadium size been 21,000, we would be playing in Merton again today instead of wasting away at SP. SH in his usual wisdom turned it down totally, and wanted some stupid size like 35,000. Funny how the guy always accused Merton of shafting us, history is now starting to prove otherwise.

I would be interested in what BRG reckons we should have, bearing in mind that Molde’s ground only holds 13,000 or so, given the commercial success of it, I doubt if he’d be too obsessed with a 40,000 stadium. You only have to look at our attendances to show that anything about 25,000 is really a waste of time.

Zolpidem Tartrate Buy Online Uk Given the past week or two, it’s nice to hear some voices of praise, and kudos go to Neil Ardley and Marcus Gayle, both of whom have praised WFC for battling back. It’s very nice to see Neil Ardley in particular, parallels between him and Michael Hughes could well be drawn – both were out of favour, both were willing to be sold. Ardley took it upon himself to battle back into contention, and now look at him – if Michael Hughes could drop the attitude, he could be the same.