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Peace breaks out And now we’re getting players falling over themselves to stay at WFC – joining this increasing queue is none other than Alan Kimble (who is “enjoying the best football of his career” according to the Official Site – and for once, they get it right), who not only wants to see out his contract but also his career as well. Bloody hell, whatever next – Sully staying?

Of course, Jason Euell’s at it yet again, claiming in the Telegraph that although he doesn’t have a problem with anyone at WFC, he really feels that it’s time to move on. Or rather, it’s time for Johnathon Barnett to replace that clapped out “T” reg Porsche of his. The new SW19 Poll deals with that, so I won’t influence your decision that much. But the attitude remains the same – if they don’t want to play for us, let them go for a lot of money. It’s less hassle that way. As you are aware, SW19 wasn’t updated last night, so I missed the news that Walid Badir may be on his way. As nice a bloke he (and Haleem) are, will we really miss him that much?

Interesting story from It Must Be Dons (did you manage to hire your laptop Paul?) – apparently we’ve looked at Espen Baardsen, Norge goalie, however Lars is worried that there may be “too many Norwegians” already at WFC. I disagree – the total opposite is true. Well, the Norges seem to have better attitudes in general than certain players I could mention…… not only that, they’re cheaper and just as good anyway. Bring him in, you know we want him – just tell the muppets to fuck off and wank over Sam Hammam.

Two juicy yet unsubstanciated rumours for you to digest for tonight – one, TP is rumoured to be homosexual. Funny, I thought he was anti man-marking? Sorry. Second rumour, more serious and just as juicy, is that Sam Hammam is definitely rumoured to be jumping into the Palace bed with Uncle Ron tomorrow, and it’s due to get announced. Now, although the very real threat of SP still looms, I wouldn’t think that SP would be that tempting for R&G, simply because Drillo hates it there (and BRG seems very aware of the loss of identity that WFC have suffered), though obviously we have to be careful of the gruesome twosome (that’s Uncle Ron and the Sham BTW) trying to tempt the Norges with a brand spanking new SP. What this is probably more likely to do is give SH a chance to buy up SP once and for all, albeit with Palace. It will work out nicely for him – he gets the stadium he’s so openly coveted, he gets nice and cosy with Uncle Ron again, and he will use it to try and get one over on R&G who he still feels has hijacked “his” club. As unsubstanciated a rumour as this may seem, it shouldn’t surprise anyone.