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Oh wonderful – Baggies 3 Bagged 1, and once again a short but shocking period defensively wise cost us this game. Well, that and some shocking forward play. I don’t really want to write too much on this game, no more than I have to, so I’ll sum up what happened : we went 2-0 down after 20 minutes thanks to the statuesque positioning of Wil and Will. This is particularly disturbing as they were so solid until recently.

We got a penalty, Euell scuffed it but still scored. We kind of pressed forward but were still pretty loose at the back. They got a third and I left. I think we can forget any hopes of auto promotion this season, not that we should have expected it anyway. We are at the moment an average first division side, and we’re not going to become world-beaters overnight…..

Nitty gritty time:

Plus points: At least I didn’t pay to get in (right place, right time….). Pär Karlsson came on and looked pretty good.

Minus points: Oh jesuz, I haven’t got all day. Let’s sum it up : defense is too slow, midfield wants too much time, attack too lightweight at times.

Where to improve: Sort out the minus points above and we’ll be getting there

Truth is stranger than fiction: The (admittedly rather tasty) female West Brom fan I met outside the players entrance, who just couldn’t stop talking. And she invited a group of us to watch a WBA testimonial at the end of this season.

Nice: The Hawthorns

Not so nice: Some of the stewards are morons. The ref.

Still scary: Mark Williams’ hair colour

Even more scary: Mark Williams’ defending

Quotes: (1) “I can’t believe we beat them” – West Brom fan after the game. I can. (2) “We’ve got the Christmas do coming up soon” – John Hartson in the players bar afterwards.

In a nutshell: Yuk