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Penalty shitout


Arse, arse, fuck, bollocks, wank, shit, bugger. Ikea 2 MFI 2 and losing on fuck knows how many penalties. To be totally and utterly honest, the reason we’re not going to Leicester this season was our own fault. If we can’t beat a lower division side with 10 men then we don’t deserve to get through. We started off OK, but maybe the tiredness factor so talked about finally told. I’m sure there will be a few post mortems bandied about – frankly, I don’t really care. I would hope that this game is a learning curve, the result showing how we should take NOTHING for granted. We start again on Saturday, against QPR. That’s our priority now. And fuck, do I hate losing.

Anyway, on with the show:

Plus points: Wild Thang’s goal. Wayne Gray’s first goal – maybe he’ll be the guy to do what we expect Wu Tang to do. Our fixture backlog should be lessened somewhat now. And at least it’ll be cheaper.

Minus points: As said above, if you can’t win against a lower division side who have only got 10 men, and having never been behind in any of the ties, you don’t deserve anything. Methinks that penalty taking will be a training ground priority tomorrow.

To rub it in: Their first goal was offside. Phase fucking two million apparently.

Truth is stranger than fiction: This I think is the first “proper” game we’ve played since we became a league club where we have lost a penalty shoot-out. The Portsmouth Centenary tournament does not count.

Spotted, looking extremely POed: CK. Takes losing quite badly, does Charlie…..

Quotes: (1) “Two – one, to the referee” – Wycombe fans. Yeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh. (2) “Ask yourself this – if in August you were told that WFC would be in the 5th round on a penalty shootout, you’d take it” – my dad. (3) “I didn’t fancy a trip to Leicester anyway” – jokey comment from certain editor of a Politically Unsound WFC webzine, just before the penalty shootout. Oops.

Scapegoat: (1) Me, obviously. (2) Marcus Gayle. Not popular around block D at all. Showing about 1% effort didn’t exactly endear him. (3) Anyone who was looking forward to Leicester, phoning them up about tickets, planning how to get there etc. Dare I mention the words “hatched” and “chickens”?

If it makes you feel better: Southampton were 3-0 up away to Tranmere at half time. At full time, they lost 4-3. Ha.

As for Wycombe…… : I hope they get to the final. I really do. And lose 5-0 to Tranmere. Bastards.

Was it worth…….. : All right, stop right there.

In a nutshell : WANK.