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Post Wycombe thoughts

Special PM update, simply because I’m bored at work 🙂

Few odds and ends to tie up : firstly, as I forgot to mention in the last write-up, Robbo’s gone back up norf again to be near his family. One of the Dundee clubs have taken him on loan : I think it’s United but others say it’s Dundee. It’s a shame that it’s never worked out, but if it’s felt that he’s a total pain in the arse, best let him go. We want £1.5m for him anyway…..

Fallout from the Wycombe game : TB got sent off during the game, so at least he’s arrived as a legendary WFC manager 🙂 Not quite so legendary was Lawrie Sanchez who amazingly claimed that his side was the best over the two legs – considering they never went in front before the penalty shootout and were outplayed for a great deal of it, it’s a bit rich. And it puzzles me as to why some people still love him. Never mind, the truth will out.

Speaking of Wycombe, go to Trond’s site, the guy has gone from legend to absolute deity in my eyes…

Reserves lost 1-0 to Coventry last night. Last minute own goal. Deja vu. And don’t ask me who scored because I haven’t a clue. In fact, I only recognised about 2-3 players on the whole pitch. And no, Michael Hughes didn’t play. I think he was down the pub complaining that TB wants to play him on the left.

Finally, and just in case I forget, there’s a WISA meeting tonight at 7.30pm, at the Wimbledon Community Centre, St Georges Road, London SW19. All welcome, there’s some pretty vital stuff going to go on re: the new ground, so if you can go, go. I should be there, unless something happens to me, so I’m sure it’ll be constructive 🙂