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Out of Rangers

wfc_qpr Wombles 5 QPHa-ha-ha 0 was the ideal bounceback after Wycombe. We started off quite flat, though I can see why QPR are very near to going down. After a bit of huffing, puffing and very little inbetween, Mark Williams buried his voodoo of Tuesday and netted. Much rapture. After the restart, we piled on the pressure and should really have had a goal which really did cross the line. Much more over the line than the 1966 World Cup goal, shame the ref didn’t think so. Bastard. After some inspired play by Wu-Tang and Wild Thang, we really did go 2-0 up and then it was all through traffic from there on. Williams netted, Euell twice and Gayle (yes him) completed the ritual humiliation. And when Hawaii Five-0 came on the tannoy, boy did it feel good…..

Onto the beef: Plus points: Scoring 5 without reply and winning. Some of the football played was sublime. Wild Thang just looked class. Wu-Tang and Wayne Gray will look the bizz if they continue in this vein of form. Insert your own plus points here, there are too many of them to name Minus points: Kelvin’s kicking. Very scary still.

Order Cheap Tramadol Cod Truth is stranger than fiction: (1) Was WFC vs QPR a top flight staple fixture until recently? (2) And did QPR really beat us 2-1 at Loftus Road this season? (3) I think this is our first victory this season against a London team.

Quotes: (1) “On paper we should beat them”. “Yes, but we’re not playing on paper, we’re playing on grass”. Discussion between two WFC webmasters before the game. This becomes relevant later on. (2) “You said we were playing on grass, but we’re definitely playing on paper”. Same webmaster to other same webmaster. This is the level of conversation us technogeeks often stoop towards. Morons: QPR fans. Tried to wind us up before the game by chanting “One Lawrie Sanchez”. Accused us of not singing when we were 3-0 up – obviously been listening to Bush too much – and one of their websites afterwards accused WFC of not belonging in the league. Did you know that during the 80s QPR were the team that yuppies supported? No wonder they’re going down.

Tramadol Medication Online Was it worth it? Probably the most “worth it” it’s been this season.

In a nutshell: YES!! One more thing, and I don’t wish to be soppy or anything like that – as you can probably tell, the above report is a little bit subdued, I’m sure most of you know why (if you don’t, my nan died of a heart attack late last night and naturally it’s quite a shock to the system). I appreciate people coming up to me and being really supportive, it’s gotten me over this rather trying last 24 hours, believe me. Thanx to you all once again. Bloody hell, I’m going to start crying in a minute……