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Felled Forest


Don’t tell me that the playoffs are still possible – that said, Copse 2 Forest 1 has ensured that we’re now into nose bleed territory. Well, 9th anyway. Let’s not beat about the bush (no pun intended) – this was a very good Forest side that we did the double over today, and more to the point we did it without some of our “best” players playing. You know, Wild Thang, Wu Tang, Michael Hughes etc. Returning was Jason Euell who seemed to change things, it’ll be a shame if/when he goes because he definitely made a difference today, Neilsen clearly benefitting. Indeed, it was Neilsen who netted first, with some good stuff from Cooper. Sooper then made it 2-0 with a stunning goal before Stern John (oh what a name) pulled one back with about 15 minutes to go. But we held on and perhaps the playoffs aren’t as far fetched as some of us are still making out……..

On with the action

Plus points: We won. Generally solid performance. Great games for Euell, Neilsen and Cooper. Andy Roberts played well for about the third game in a row (is this a record?). Good passing and intelligent play, considering the pitch would have been better suited for dumping burning foot-and-mouth cases. Doing so without our “best” players in the starting XI. In fact, not having to call on even one substitute.

Minus points: Conceeding a goal – got very nervy later on.

Scary: I’m sorry, I just don’t like KD punching the ball out…….

Truth is stranger than fiction: (1) If you think that WFC have fallen in stature recently, what would you make of Forest’s decline? (2) At least our third double this season – as many as we’ve had in the previous 36 months. (3) It was my mum’s birthday. And we never win on that day……

And if you think it couldn’t get any better: Coventry look virtually doomed, Celsi lost, Palace are in shit……..

Quote: “You’re just going for the fights aren’t you?” – my mum after I told her my intention of going to the possibility of Palace vs Brighton / Milwall vs Man City/Birmingham City next season, WFC games permitting. Moi?

So, was it worth it? Oh certainly.

In a nutshell: Bring on the Crewe……..