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Ful’s gold Apologies for the lateness of the report.

“REPD says … nothing you idiot! REPD’s dead. He’s locked in my basement …” Seriously, JC on the mic while REPD’s living it up with the yanks. So here goes … Zolpidem Online Canada Egypt 1 Norway 1. Well this was clearly a game of two halves, err hold on, no, two penalties. This game was our last chance to keep the play-offs in sight. Suffice to say we blew it! But what gives me heart, is the manner in which we did so. referee

We gave the ‘champions’ a run for their money (which they’ve obviously got too much of, just ask Mr T Bates). A Wimbledon side missing one Mark Williams, showed determination in abundance, in front of a pathetic bumper crowd at Craven Cottagen of 18,000. We were well up for this one, and almost got a result, but for a cheating paid fixed eagle-eyed referee.

The first half saw us create very little for Euell and Nielsen to chase. In fact, some would say that Foolham were the ‘better’ side for much of the first period. Nonetheless, the Dons came out second half determined to spoil the party. We began to put some nice passing moves together, and it was only a matter of time before we went ahead. Foolham goalkeeper Maik(?) Taylor, clearly brought down Sooper Cooper as he attempted to take the ball round him on the 74th minute. Jason Euell duly converted the penalty, and sent the Dons masses into ecstasy. However, instead of our normal sitting back on the one-goal lead, Foolham applied the pressure, which was well defended against by the Wimbledon rear guard of Kimble, Holloway, Cunnigham and Gier. With only three minutes of normal time to be played, some theatrics from Portuguese reject star Luis Boa Morte, was enough to fool the referee into awarding a penalty to Al Fayed’s men. Boa Morte scored the penalty despite the best efforts of Kelvin Davis, and that was that. On with the action then:

Plus points: We could, and should have beaten the champions. Euell grabbed (by my reckoning) his 20th league goal this season. The Wimbledon following, never subdued despite see minus points. Kelvin Davis, back to his best. Our defensive performance. The atmosphere in the Kings Head pub before the game. The boat trip. Minus points: Not making the play-offs. Conceding a penalty with three minutes left. The referee. The weather (it pissed down for much of the day). The Putney terrace (it had no roof, cheers Al Fayed). Our lack of chances created.

Buy Ambien Uk Online Quotes: 1) A number of Wimbledon supporters towards the back, right corner of our terrace allocation: “Fulham ’til you’re shit!” 2) Certain webmaster of a certain ‘rival’ site: “I take it they didn’t have the shirt in your size then.” Cheers dude, but I still think it’s fine. NB – most quotes were too offensive to repeat on this ‘child-friendly’ (ahem) site, and were incidentally aimed at either i) Al Fayed ii) Mr Bates iii) Luis Haha.

Fiction is stranger than truth … errr … no hold on: For the second time this season, Wimbledon supporters provoked a reaction from Luis Haha. This time it was as he was leaving the pitch after picking up an injury. I can’t tell you what was said, though he picked up a lot of abuse after the said incident. Also, we (wombles massive) were recorded on police cameras as soon as we arrived in Putney. If anyone took down any officer numbers, go ask for a copy of the tape 😉

In a nutshell: It’s been one of the most exciting seasons witnessed by Wimbledon supporters for a long time. Now it’s all but over, and all that remains to be done, is ensuring that Palarse get relegated. Field the youths against Huddersfield Terry? Of course not, that would be unsportsman-like 😉

Was it worth it?: Hell yeah!

Oh and … : Today saw the relegation of the worst team ever to have stayed in the Premier League for more than one season. No prizes for guessing who I’m talking about. Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!!!!

JC … ahhh shite! No porn references … d’oh!