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The aftermath

I’m off to the reserve game to badger WFC employees, so here’s an update for you now. Apparently, the reason why nobody was wearing Maximuscle shirts was because they weren’t actually on sale yet. Though whether that would make any difference is of course anyone’s guess.

Bit of fallout from Saturday : major positive stuff for the fans protest from all the papers, one suggested that Koppout sheepishly left the ground 10 minutes before before only giving a quote “I am not resigning”. Hmm, maybe he’ll get pushed? Major publicity for the Walk For Wimbledon – there was sadly, less support for the proposed SW19 fundraiser, Wank For Wimbledon, where we all tug ourselves for as long as it takes to walk from Plough Lane to Selhurst Park. Guess we can’t find much KY Jelly.

Further proof that the club itself is undergoing a huge seige mentality ATM – Graham Thorley went onto the pitch as we all know and made a complete tit of himself. However, it now transpires that Thorley alledgedly tried to get at General Lee whilst he was making his speech – had to be physically restrained – and even called one other fan a “wanker”. No idea whether such things are true, but it’s very clear that the club ARE shitting themselves over this. It looks like they want some sort of get-out clause and as it stands, all they can hope is that the animosity blows itself out within a couple of weeks. That may happen, but they have a much more damaging thing to come this week – the Football League meet up, and although they aren’t going to decide on the dratted scheme just yet, a WISA delegation revealing to them just exactly what’s going on may make Koppout’s week even worse…..

And if that wasn’t enough, strong rumours from the concrete cow end that even if the thing was decided Thursday and evil prevaled, the MK Toilet Bowl MegaComplex would more than likely be called in by the DoE – a previous (and much smaller) complex around the same area was blocked. Which will TOTALLY fuck Koppel’s plans to sell out by 2003.

Oh, and Wankelmann is still apparently not having much luck with getting finance for it……….